Veggie Slurpie

Who doesn’t want their baby or toddler or preschooler in my case – to eat more veggies?! Well, I didn’t get this smart until my third child, and though it may not work with everyone – it sure is worth sharing! As my kids would say, it’s easy peasy! Start with something like sweet potatoes – still a veggie, but sweet so it goes down easily. Take the plastic off of the container (I use Gerber brand) and in the corner, pierce the foil with a knife.
Cut a straw in half and stick it through the foil. Give your child his or her very own veggie slurpie!

Yes, that’s my 3-year-old son DRINKING his veggies! Please forgive the markered hands and grubby fingernails…I didn’t clean him up for this shot!

I’ve had successes and failures based on what the contents are, but all are worthy of a try!

I hope I made life easier for you. May those veggies nourish your little one 🙂

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