Stihl vs Husqvarna Chainsaw – Which Is Better?

In the past never the performance of the products is not an attractive topic of a gossip. But now the technology is overwhelmed, it requires people to explore and apply new technology or more practical, find the quality tools for the work. That is for you not to be left behind.

For the chainsaw, we still have the argument about the ability of the Stihl as well the Husqvarna. Both seem to deliver their best product with the careful examination and long time research. Though, not the similar but, the difference is what have to build up, the brand.

If you still feel doubt and want to find some basic ideas for this open question, consult this one, it can give you a clear view of the problem people still doubt about.

Fuel tank

It is not a big deal as with the gasoline consumed saw; its user can add more the fuel anytime to make the saw work. However, it is still better, more convenient and makes the user feel more comfortable for the Husqvarna when they do not have to bring it to continuously.

In the case you do not want your task is interrupted, you will want to have a bigger tank to make sure you woke can be done well without the interruption. But, we have to remind you that more space for the tank and more fuel means heavier the saw, don’t let the saw to be your burden.


In this round, Stihl can beat the Husqvarna; lower costing is a reason for the family to invest in a Stihl chainsaw. With the power, and the function quite the same, the Stihl make it worth for a gasoline-used chainsaw.
You can see that there still many of the brands can offer the low price even lower that of the Stihl, but the quality come along with the price is what we concentrate on. It makes the still is a big competitor of the Husqvarna.

No matter your budget allows you to have the best chainsaw or not. A reasonable price can be a very attractive for most of the user. No one can deny the central fact that how much it takes is always what we look for first when we buy a product.


We sure you must have heard about the story of “my father”, “brother”, “uncle” or even the writers have used a Husqvarna chainsaw for decades. It makes the impression for most of the user for the high-quality and long lasting though under the various condition of the time.

However, it does not mean we underestimate the Stihl products, the durability and the powerful engine of that brand can leave the memorable experience on the owner mind. But its name still need time to develop its reputation when compare to the long history of the Husqvarna saw.


Depend on the product and the name of the product, the power will be various, and the engine will be the great factor to give out the power of the chainsaw. So, it is hard to compare and emphasize the power as the characteristic of any product.

But if base on the taste of the majority of the user, and the average skill they have, it can conclude like this. What the Husqvarna saw is better for the pro, it can give you the strong cut, with the sharp blade, make the work beautiful and tidy.

The Stihl is excellent for the home user; it allows the user to use it easily with the cut that strong enough. The strength of the saw suitable for you for you to crunch the branch or even cut through the body of the trees. And some people even describe it as the product for whom have not used a chainsaw before.

Of course, these ideas just the emotional comments we take from the user. It can not apply mechanically for anybody who wants to purchase a saw. But on some aspect, you can base on it to find a good and useful saw for you.


More people will love the Stihl as it asks for less maintaining than its opponents as it specifically makes for the novice. It will not require you a lot of the knowledge of the machine or the motor to make it work smoothly.
What the cost of maintaining of the Stihl saw is so perfect for anyone to deny it. So, you will not have to care about the price you pay off and the same for maintaining fees too. You might overlook the costs just for one or two times, but for years, you will see it an enormous amount.

If you have done for the gaining information of the unit you want to purchase, you will want to find an appropriate product for you. You might find the identity of the saw and define exactly what you want from that product.
No matter what is your choice, we can give you some recommendation, based on the function we mention above; you will never regret the money you pay. It is worth and can ensure the best experience you have.

3 Best Husqvarna Chainsaw On The Market 2017 Reviews


Husqvarna T435

As a part of the Husqvarna product family, T435 is another reliable and high-quality product. With the quick-release air filter, the debris is removed all, and make sure there nothing is trapped inside the engine.
The power output is about 2.01 hp, 14-in bar length for the maximum and total weight is about 7.5 lbs. This product creates its mobility and makes you feel comfortable when using it. Make it a worth product for the money paying.

Husqvarna 440E

If you are searching for the medium bar length, not too short nor long, 16-inch bar length for eh Husqvarna 440E will be the great one for you. With the motor can spin about 9000 round per minute, it will bring you a good feeling when pruning the branch of trees or cut the bush.

Not cumbersome, easy to operate, this is not the strongest product we recommend you. Nevertheless, it can meet all the basic needs for your house. Find an excellent saw like this is a good step for you to do the task for your house.

Husqvarna 460 rancher

In the case what you head to is the powerful and dynamic chainsaw, Husqvarna 460 is the destination for you. Using 20-inch bar, it is made to slide or split even the biggest trees you might face. Powerful engine 3.5 HP and the extended bar length is the fabulous combination.

The handle is design to maximum the grip for the user, allow them to hold it firm while cutting the hardest or thickest wood. No one can argue that this is the right tool for the pro user. It is a company, a supporter and also an old friend if you need to crunch or limb the trees frequently.

3 Best Stihl Chainsaw On The Market 2017 Reviews


Stihl 170 MS mini boss

Well-known for its reasonable price, Stihl product in general and the Stihl 170 MS mini-boss, in particular, is satisfied product when we look at its price. 14-inch bar length is enough to cut through a big branch or small body of the trees.

Power output is 1.8 HP, not so powerful comparing to other models, but still good enough for you to deal with the thick branch from trees or the bushes. Easy to use, your trimming work will never be torture. Nevertheless, you should enjoy it with this Stihl product.

Stihl MS-25 C-BE

If you are looking for the average length bar saw, 18 inch is enough for you to make your garden look nice and neat. With 14 lbs, that is the acceptable weight for a chainsaw; The power reaches to 3 HP will allow you to cut the woods as smooth as paper.

If you tend to use this to trim or crunch the trees in the garden or cut and separate the limb after the storm, this will be a wise idea. The work will be done quickly that will surprise you. If you want to purchase for a Stihl one, MS-25 C-BE is an entirely excellent option.

Stihl MS 290 Farm Boss

Its name definitely can give you some overview about the chainsaw we want to suggest to you. “farm boss” is sure can support you to handle all of the tasks on your farm, make it quicker as well easier with the minimum effort.
With the bar, the length can reach to 20 inches long, cut through the thick, sturdy wood is not a problem for this Stihl saw. 13 lbs are not the burden on the user, but power output is 3.8 HP make it stronger and always apply enough force for all the cutting mission.

For decorate or beautify the house, build the wood structure in the garden or making some man-made furniture. Nothing is impossible with the MS 290 farm boss. If you want to take it outside the home, this saw will not make you disappointed if the workload is moderate.


Though easy to use, low price, powerful and many other factors can build up the best chainsaw. It is not assembled on one product, and need clear thought and consideration to find the proper one. Comparing between two brands is a good way for you to find out what you need.

Bear in your mind; there is nothing like the perfect saw, there just only the most suitable one. So be decisive, the option is in your hand. Each design will be suited for different consumers, help them to deal with their task for the shortest time.

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