When To Pick Banana Peppers?

Summer is the perfect time for you to harvest and store most of the vegetables. But that does not mean you can not gain anything from that time to the winter. The end of the summer is the great time for you to sow the seed of banana peppers and wait for it to grow in the mid-fall.

If you have spent the time to enrich the soil, get rid of the weeds and scare and keep the pets from your small garden, you will look forward to the fruits. But when is the appropriate time to collect them? Too soon, they will not be ripe yet, but too late will make them too soft, that is why it is important to know the right moment to pick them.

How long it takes for it to grow?

Generally, banana peppers will take about 60 to 80 days for it to grow and ripe. It should be the mid or mid fall as it needs the light for the plant to grow. This type of pepper will need the full sunlight for it to bear the fruits.

Depend on the time you sow the seed it to the soil as well the nutrient of the soil, the time for you to harvest it will be various. Try to supply the plants with the solar radiation; it is a critical factor to help shorten the time for the banana pepper to ready to be collected

Pepper - Sweet Banana

The softness

The more them ripe, the more they became soft, use your hand to feel it. Gently press on the surface of the peppers and feel them. However, do it with slight hand, you will not want to crush the payoff for your time and effort.
Also, you should check this regularly, as the banana pepper might rot on the plant. Without paying attention, you might waste a crop in the fall. Make sure you check it often from the buds have just appeared will give you the correct feeling how it is eventually soft.

The color

The color is the most important thing to decide whether it is the appropriate time to get the pepper. The reason for this is it is the mandatory factor to tell you whether the banana pepper is ripe or not. Also, the change of color is easy to recognize and say more exactly than other factors.

When you see the green to pale yellow on the skin, it is the warning for you; the pepper is not ripe yet. If you want to taste them in this time, for sure, you will feel tangy on the tongue, and some people describe it as the savory of the green peppers.

If you do not like the spicy of the banana pepper when it is not ripe yet, you can leave in stay still on the plant. Till the skin become vibrant yellow, it means those peppers is ripe and less tangy for you to eat. Most of the people choose this time to collect the fruit.

Still, want them sweeter, then wait for the banana peppers to become red, while the tangy flavor of them will wear out. But if you do not collect them now, they will soon decay, get all of them on your plants. If you cannot eat all of them, you will need to find the way to store them.

Canning or frozen them, or both is good. You can leave them for the latter use, remaining the savory of the fall. If you only want to keep the green or yellow, stored it in that time. Then you can use it later but still suit your flavor.

The size

Before the paper is ready to be served as a part of the food, it should reach to a particular size. If you see them big enough, it means the pepper can be picked out from the plant. The size for a full grown banana pepper should be in the range of 5-8 inch.

Depend on the seed you take; the size can be different a little bit. However, somehow it can tell you when the pepper can be taken down. In the case, you do not know what to base on to realize the banana peppers is ripe enough; this is the thing will help you.

Besides, if the pepper is below 5 inches long and 1,5-inch width, this is not a proper time for you to pick it. This is because you will nearly have not a thing to eat if the fruit is too small in size. Therefore, only choose the one with the right inch.

Collect them in the proper way

Do not try to pull the pepper out of the plant with your force; it is not good to play tug of war with the plant. Instead, try to use a sharp blade or the shear to cut the fruit from the plants. This will prevent the branch to break off.

In addition, the sharp blade will help you to collect the paper without damage to the stalk. The system of the plant can work normally and continue to produce the new fruit for the next crop. At the same time can still provide the energy for the other banana pepper continue to grow.

Other needed things

While you are collecting any type of fruits, do not forget to prepare the basket and water. It could be a big bucket of water, or the flow or water is okay, the water can be used to rinse the soil. Then you can put it in the fridge for eventual use.

For sure there is nothing make we satisfied than when collecting the banana pepper we grow by our own hand. If you have not done it before, have no experience, do not worry, you can learn it. This article will help you with it and ensure you have a tasty banana pepper crop with right time picked.

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