Impromptu Bathroom Makeover Plan

I’ve been sidetracked from the living room by a little side project…

When we started renting years ago and were unable to buy, I started watching House Hunters with a whole new perspective. Those people walking through houses putting down master bathrooms that my entire house would fit into made me CRAZY!

Wouldn’t we all like more space? Of course! But I grew up on functionality, not vanity. Eight people, two bathrooms, and only one shower. {Remember when I told you about the cardboard box of heirloom books my parents kept in the closet?} I’m sure a spacious bathroom is lovely, but it’s just wasn’t a high priority item for us.

When our house was previously remodeled, the contractor put a master bedroom with an adjoining master bathroom upstairs alongside a smaller second bedroom. We decided to use the master bedroom as a shared kids bedroom and use the master closet as a playroom, which meant that the master bathroom belonged to the children. That left the small bedroom and bathroom downstairs for the adults. Despite a world of “en suite” or bust, we decided it would work well for our season.

After nine months, the bathroom still suits our functional needs. It would have served it’s purpose in it’s current finished state, but soon after we moved in and started showering here daily, we noticed this spot. It seems to be some sort of leftover residue from the remodeling since the fan is functioning properly and moisture is swept away in a timely manner. And it feels, well, a bit tacky. (in a literal sense)

Since the wall seems to need just a light sanding and fresh coat of eggshell paint, a small makeover seems to be in order! Don’t get me wrong, these contractor grade finishes are fine, but making it our own would be even better. The other beef I have with the space is it’s SO dark. I usually love a dark small bathroom, but this is where we go to wake up and get ready for the day. And since there is no natural light in here, it’s in need of a little brightness.

The plan:

1) Paint the walls in a light color. I’ve decided to go with Benjamin Moore’s Lancaster White. The paint is purchased and in an eggshell finish which you need for a high moisture area.

2) Swap out the mirror – something circular and NOT brown.

3) Swap out the shower curtain with curtains to make it look less bathroom-ey? Thoughts? Replace the chrome shower bar with an oil rubbed bronze one so things are cohesive. I also plan to replace the shower curtain liner with something non plastic. I recently read plastic liners leach chemicals to the air with each use, so I’m looking for an alternative.

4) Add art and coordinate the with new bath towels. A couple months ago I picked up some inexpensive white towels from HomeGoods to try to brighten up this space, but I decided soon after that we are NOT white towel people. Makeup, three boys…need I say more?

5) Add storage.

6) BOLD MOVE: Paint the vanity? Not sure my husband would go for this, but good to consider.

What are your thoughts on bathrooms? Do you need space or are you good with the basics?

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