Feeding New Moms

I’m so happy you are here to read my FAVORITE post, which also happens to be an important source of traffic for my site! I appreciate you taking your time to stop by and read more about feeding the new Mom’s in your lives, and hope you’ll stay awhile and take a peek at the rest of my work.

My friend and neighbor just had her baby. It’s been a few years since I’ve had my own newborn, but you never do forget that transition. How you barely have a moment to pee, clean, or let alone feed yourself! Well, the best gifts I got with my third baby were the kind that I could eat. The kind that gave me energy to get through those very hectic days!

But…she did just have a sweet little boy. And…I can’t resist a little baby shopping! So I did include a little something for the little cutie. Something for next year, when all your new stuff starts to disappear!

My idea started when I made some Roasted Corn and Potato Chowder for dinner. The recipe made enough to feed my family and share an equal amount. I checked with her to make sure it was something she’d eat {which is the hard part about gifting food}, and lucky for me it was! How do you wrap soup? I wanted something that she didn’t need to worry about returning, so one quick trip to the store and we have inexpensive, reusable or recyclable containers. And if you give her soup… she’ll need some carbs to go with it. {These are store bought rolls, with the baking instructions clipped and placed inside.} She’ll feel unbalanced and need some fruit… Which will remind her of dessert. Well, technically these aren’t dessert, they are Caramel-Banana-Pecan muffins. But my guess is that there will be leftover muffins that will also take care of breakfast tomorrow {and why I omitted the caramel}. Which is one less thing she’ll need to worry about! And I can’t forget that little something for the cutie… Simply wrapped with white paper and blue fabric remnants. Stack them up, pack them up, and deliver them to your mom-to-be. You may get lucky like me and get to hold that sweet little newborn. {sigh}

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