Everyday Napkins {first ever sewing project}

Can I just say first how much I love the colors in this post! {sigh} Okay…

If I can teach myself how to use a sewing machine in one day, you can too! I’ve even done the hard work for you and created a post with clear pictures to help you! Check out this post: Sewing 101 {meant to inspire you}.

And if I can complete my first EASY sewing project {or maybe you are just looking for a new, simple, one} than so can you too!

Remember when I told you about my everyday napkins in this post? Well, I ventured out into the local fabric store and bought some inexpensive {$4.99 for 4 18×21 inch pieces, I bought two} 100% cotton fabric to make into napkins for my kitchen.

Have your machine ready to go, plugged in, thread in place…you know the drill. Heat up your iron and iron a 1/2 inch seam on all four sides of your fabric. In the picture below on the right, you will make neat corners by folding one side under {like wrapping a gift on the sides} and iron that flat too. I pinned mine to keep them together.

Lift up the presser foot {sorry I’m a beginner and some may be too} and clamp down on a corner o the fabric where you will start your stitch. Stitch forward and reverse a couple times to secure it and then continue to stitch along the seam to the next corner:

{again for the beginners} Once you get to the corner, lift the presser foot and turn the fabric 90 degrees. Lower the presser foot and sew along the seam on the new side. Repeat for the remainder of the napkin. On the last corner, stitch forward and reverse a couple times to secure the stitch. You are done!

Lift the presser foot and gently pull the fabric off to the side. If you have two threads coming out the side, YOU DID IT! Cut them and then trim any strings from the corners.

Maybe you made your first project like me or maybe you are making your first everyday napkin! Either way – WAY TO GO YOU! I totally got my home ec on today{and so did you!} I did use 100% cotton fabric, however, I’d advise you to use something a little thicker than what I did here. Mine will still work, but my other stash is a little more sturdy. These napkins are super washable. Speaking of washing, WASH your fabric before sewing it. Then you won’t deal with post-sewing shrinkage.That would be embarrassing, right 😉

Good luck to you!

These would make for a colorful dinner party, huh? COME CHECK OUT my second sewing project here. I made pillows from napkins, really!

Little R already using one:

And they have already migrated to the oven handle – I guess they could be hand towels too? Works for me!

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