EASY Plastic Easter Egg Garland {$2 Project!}

The Easter Egg Hunt over at It’s Overflowing is complete! I’ll share my featured project here next week, but I’ve got the back up Egg Garland post to pacify you until that time. Do you have $2? A car, bike, or two legs to get to the store? Some twine or ribbon leftover from other projects?

THEN YOU CAN MAKE SOME PRETTY EASTER EGG GARLAND and wow your friends! You will need:

  • 1 bag of small plastic Easter Eggs. {Love the ones from Target, they have great colors this year!}
  • Twine or ribbon
  • Tape

When I was making my Scrap Fabric {posting soon!} Easter Egg garland, I notice that the plastic eggs come with two pre-punched holes in the tops. Perfect for making garland. Here’s how: If using twine, you’ll need to use tape {I used painters} to cover the end so you can get it through the holes without shredding the twine. I also found that I needed to make the holes a tad larger, so I just used a metal skewer {or use a screwdriver} to stretch them a bit. You may not need to do this depending on your twine or ribbon.

Here’s the easy part. Take your twine end and thread through the top of one of the holes. Pull through a bit and then go back up through the other hole. Pull through to where you want it on the garland and then replace the bottom part of the egg.

Repeat in a pattern or randomly…however you roll. This project was so easy my three year old could have done it! And, if you want to earn extra credit AND you are making this with your kids, you can teach patterns while you do it! SUPER BONUS: Yyou could use the garland as a countdown to Easter, or make Resurrection Eggs by putting things inside of them and then numbering the outsides.

THIS SIMPLE EASTER EGG GARLAND IS MULTIPURPOSE!!! TWO CAUTIONS!  Be careful not to stab yourself with the screwdriver or metal skewer. I mean, it would hurt REALLY bad. And watch out when you pull the eggs through the twine – it starts to fly through the air and doesn’t feel too good as it imbeds in your eyeballs. {see on my jeans in the picture below} Pull at a distance!

Can I just say that now’s the time I’m dreaming of a dreamy fireplace mantel or some character in my home.
Trying to style this garland for a picture was like
But you get the picture, right!

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