Christmas Tablescape On a Budget


Now, I brought a ton of supplies, but quickly realized I had limited space to put them. And since a lot of my decorations were candles – I especially didn’t want my table to be a fire hazard! So I just started with the necessities, or dinnerware, and then added touches as it fit.

I initially looked for circular chargers, but they were picked over and more than I wanted to spend (to store them anyway, I do live in a small rental with limited space!). Also, I must admit I prefer to purchase these types of things after the holidays when the are significantly marked down. So instead, I used the winter landscape 12 x 12 scrapbook pages as chargers and under the centerpiece. They are on top of a tablecloth lent to me by the church, which happened to be in a complimentary color!

I already had white dinnerware, so I added these. Dinner plates topped with salad bowls. My largest expense (only $10 for 8 water goblets with a good JCP sale and coupon) was the water goblets, because I wanted them in my kitchen anyways. (I had to gut out my spice cabinet to make room for them, but that’s another story) I later had to google “formal place setting” to be sure I had the placement right and realized I flip flopped the bread plate and water goblets. I’ll fix that – gasp – before someone sees! Good Housekeepings Formal Place Setting Tutorial

Now for that centerpiece. I went to a thrift store nearby, and purchased round glass bowls in different shapes and sizes – 8 total for $5. I added the candles, filled the edges with cranberries purchased from the grocery store (2 bags for $4) and added a little water to keep them fresh. I placed them on top of a white cake stand that I already owned, cut some of the Christmas tree branches and placed them around the globes, and added pine cones on top to fill in the holes.

Next, I needed to add the napkins. I am obviously the furthest thing from fancy, because again I had to use my best friend google to figure out how to make the napkins look good. I found a whole new world of professional looking napkin creatures and forms, but since I didn’t have an iron for pressing, I went with the basics.
Folding Linens Tutorial

First up…napkin rings.
First, I used a large paper cutter at church and made 1 inch strips of one of my winter scrapbook pages. I added tape to one end so the sticky side facing the printed side.

Next, Roll the paper around, forming a circle, around 2 inches across will do. Add another piece of tape and fasten it closed. Voila…napkin ring!

Push the napkin through the ring and pull until halfway through.

I placed them on top of the salad bowls. I think it looks simple, yet put together!

And here is the night of the party. Candlelight and everything…

Remember I said I had bought 8 glass bowls? Well, the table was quickly filled up, and so I was able to have a line of candles on the piano. I would have called it ambiance if were not had been for the 1,000+ wattage of fluorescent bulbs lighting the room 🙂

Decorating aside,

we had a great time, good conversations, and got to know some of our fellow church members a little better. And I didn’t burn the place down. I discovered the hunt for table decorations can be a very creative process when you lack fancy resources at home 🙂

I had a lot of fun and I think our guests did too.

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