Canning Tomatoes Without Pressure

Nothing can compare to the flavor of the tomatoes in the summer as it the time for the seed to produce the best fresh and savory ones. If you can not use all of them in a short time after the harvest, preserving it is the best option for you to retain the taste of the mid-summer.

Don’t need to get home a cumbersome and high-cost pressure canner; you can still have the quality tomatoes in the winter. In the case you want to enjoy all the “reward” for the gardening, the available things in the kitchen can do that. Just a little time and passionate, then your time and effort are paid off.

First, pick the tomatoes

Of course, all the tomatoes can be can, but what we concentrate on here is the tasty food of the summer. Therefore, it is necessary for you to chose the best-qualified tomatoes. Try to choose the one with the fresh, bright color, and smell good.

As the quality of tomatoes will decide the quality of the batch, choose the best one means that you will not spoil the product. Recheck the tomatoes for sure there are no rotten tomatoes in the materials. You will need to spend time and effort for it, do not waste it.


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Necessary things

Do not worry, most of or everything might have already been in your kitchen. Some jars and lids, a stockpot with the metal rack inside, jar lifter, canning salt, lemon juice. Therefore, you will not worry about the budget for storing the products from your garden.

Now let do it!!!

If you have just harvested the tomatoes from the backyard, the first thing you will have to do is to wash it. The dirt as well the fertilizer might still sick in there, it also to make sure to get rid of the unwanted smell. Hot water is recommended it for you to eliminate the bacteria on the skin.

Then dip it in the cold water, the sudden temperature change on the surface makes the skin of the tomatoes separate allowing you to peel it off easier. Next, cut the core of the tomatoes, it is the excess part of the vegetables. It is much more convenient for you to use it later without the excess part.


For most of the time people will cut the tomatoes in the quarter, but base on your desire, you can cut them into smaller or bigger piece. As long as I suit your need, it is okay. If you not sure, just cut it in half, since you can still cut it smaller when you eat it later.

Add the tomatoes to the pot with enough water in there. The size of the pot is not a big problem but the larger it is;the more time it takes from you to heat up. With the medium size of the pot, five minutes is the right time.

While waiting for the pot to heat up, you can sterilize the jar by boiling it (do not forget to sterilize the lids too). It is not an obligatory step. However, this will ensure there are no bacteria, mold or contamination trapped in the jar. Sometimes, that is the reason why your canning tomatoes go off.

Then you can fill the jar with the boiled tomatoes. Nevertheless, it will need the space. Roughly one inch will guarantee that the tomatoes will not get out when you heat it up.

Add spice

Before screwing the jar, you might need to add some salt. Salt is not only for the purpose of complying with your taste, but also play a significant role in preservation. The more the salt, your canning tomatoes can last longer.

Another secret component to better the tomatoes is the lemon juice. It will bring you a unique flavor that you might not have ever had before. If you want to try something new, it will be a right choice for you. Let expect the unexpected!!

Boil the canning tomatoes

Now you will need to take the jar from the boiled water, use the jar lifter to guarantee that you will not have any skin burn. Let it cool down and dry it with a towel, pour the mixture in the pot into the jar. To prevent the water can get in, screw it tightly is critical.

The stock pot now will be useful, fill it with water and put it on the stove to boil the water. After that, put the canning tomatoes into it. Do not forget to add more water; it should cover the jar from all the side.

It will take 40-45 minutes boiling till the canning tomatoes are ready to be used. After placing the lid on the pot, you can set the alarm. Watching TV, playing games, chatting with a friend or spend time in the garden, anything you want, you now free.

Wait and label

45 minutes gone, now you can take them out the pot, make sure you use the lifter to take canning tomatoes out. Then leave it in the dry spot for two days to let it cool down. Then the process is completed, your product is ready to serve.

If you weekly can the tomatoes, label it with the date is necessary for you to differentiate them. Thus, you can use them in the proper order, no jar of tomatoes is wasted. Stored them in the cool place with little moisture, then you will not have to care about the flavor as well the quality of the tomatoes.

After the harvest in summer, hardly anyone can eat all of them. It is time for a gardening lover to share their “reward” to the others, show their pride and store a little bit best tomatoes that you grow by very yourself. That reasons why the method to can tomatoes without pressure is imperative to the gardener.

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