Best Pole Saw: Gas, Electric/Corded or Cordless 2017 Reviews

The weekend is a great time for anybody; it even ends before anyone can realize it come it have already passed. It is simple for anyone spends all of their Sunday just to lie on the sofa and watching TV. Why don’t you try something new, gardening is one of the right choices for you? If you want to get a smooth start, finding the best pole saw is a good step for you to realize what you want to do.

Of course, while gardening, you will not need a lot of effort to do it. However, you will not want to hurt your back as well to want to easier your task, a pole saw is imperative. Nevertheless, to find a good product is not an easy mission, as there are many brands, there are many good products for you to choose.

Type Of The Pole Saw

Though you have determinate the thing you will need for gardening is a good pole saw, there still a lot of problems are waiting for you ahead. The type of the products absolutely will make you confusing when picking one. While you still doubt to select one, start from the pros and cons will be a satisfied step.


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Gas Powered Pole Saws

In the case you have a large garden with numerous branch need crunching, the gas pole one is so right for you. This model is often stronger than most of the other one, as well, it can deal well with the thick branch. By the way, you will not have to when you move the pole saw into the thick branch area.

Concerning for the working hour of the saw or how long can it work is not necessary too. As long as you still have the extra fuel, your engine still will work well and bring you the excellent result. Unexpected stop working pole saw can put you off and lead your gardening day to become a torture.

In addition, this type of product is well known for its durability when maintained properly. It is a great advantage for the one who does not want to repay for the gardening tool for a long time. Meanwhile, that does not mean you do not need to add the maintaining fee up to the payment for your saw.

Come along with a lot of advantages, some limitations of the saw you should pay attention to if you tend to pick one of it. Heavier than electric models are the unavoidable factor for you to considerate before making your choice. The engine of the saw plays a huge part in its weight.

Providing that you are sensitive the sound, the product using the gas will not suit you. While working, the noise of the gas saw is usually loud, noting this thing is critical to prevent the inconvenience you might have in the future.

Electric (Corded) Pole Saws

Why don’t you choose a corded one? It can be a nice choice for anyone wants to have a light accessory. No longer heavy or cumbersome feelings, that make it useful for one who does not have much muscle. Or for whom want to ease their task.

We will not surprise if your neighborhood prefers you to use the cord one instead of the gas pole saws. Of course, we are just kidding. However, it is real that the electric one transmits much less sound than the gas saw. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to worry about bothering your neighborhood.

The user of this pole saw type can expect it is more powerful than the cordless one, while it is easier to operate than the gas one. You will not need to try to start the engine, just need to switch it on and use it to shave the branches. Also, it is nearly magazine-free, suit for one who does not want to spend the time to do it.

The problem with it is you is trapped in the radius of the power cable, about 100 meters. If you pass that limit, then you will need the extra wire to provide the current for the saw. Calculate your garden dimension is an essential step to make sure that the trees will still in your pole saw reach.

Though it is quite lightweight, just roughly ten pounds, there is no way that it can be as power as the gas model. So, you will need more time to handle some branches of trees. For this product, better you use it to cut the small branch than thick and big one.

Cordless Pole Saws

This type of product was not a good choice before, as it is less powerful than the two mentioned saw type above. The battery of it makes it usually be heavier than some of the electric models. Its battery, again, is easy to die or run out of battery. Especially when you use it for a long time, this should happen.

However, it changes completely when the battery is improved. Lithium-Ion battery allows it is working hours to be longer and stronger than it used to be. The size and the weight of the pole saw are also reduced thank to the battery upgrading.

The limited power of the saw requires you to divide your task into small jobs. Trimming the trees in your garden a little bit in the weekends every week can seem like an exciting amusement. That will make it more efficiently than when you use it for cutting thick branch need a considerable amount of time.

When To Choose Electric, Gas Or Cordless?

Three type of the pole saw is not much, although, it might leave you a lot of question like how to choose the best? What kind of saw will be most appropriate to you? It will take you a little time to look around your garden to find the suitable one for your house.

To choose a good one of many products, let start from the size of the yard, it is a wise essential stage if you want to have a beautiful and well-arranged garden. The width and length, besides, the number of the trees and their condition is what can not miss when finding a pole saw.

Huge garden with many of trees requires more caring than you might imagine. In other words, time and effort are inevitable. Your muscle even must work harder if your trees have grown for extended years, which means trimming the thick and big branch is a part of your task.

In that case, nothing can compare with the gasoline used pole saws. The powerful engine of it can deal with most of the branch from your trees. It must be difficult for the novice as well as an old hand when have to trim dense branch. What the ability of the gas pole saw is most useful for that purpose.

The strength of the pole saw also can be used for complete your task quickly and neatly. My friend usually crunches the branches a time for several months. For that reason, he chooses a fuel consumed product instead of the cord or cordless one.

With that type of the saw, the thick and hard branch wood is not a big deal for you. If you do not want to spend too much sweat while love to do it by yourself, that type of saw is exceptionally indispensable for you to decorate the surrounding of the house.

The electricity-operated product needs its supply to work well and help you to shave the trees around your house. Therefore, you should make sure that the length of the power cable is enough to trim all the trees in your yard. Also, you will need to keep the wire from being a tangle.

The corded model is right for you if in the garden do not have too much the objects. They might be the reason to make your cable twisted. Especially, when you move around the house, it is inconvenient because the wire can slow you down.

Cordless model is another choice for you when you do not want the inconvenience that cord one bring. The mobility is the thing you should never overlook when finding an appropriate saw. What thing can be better than a light-weight and mobile tools?

Even though, the engine of this product can not compare to the other types. It can handle correctly when bushes or trees in your garden are spare. It is better for one who would like to trim the garden, make the shape rather than to cut the big branch.

Comparison Chart: 5 Best Pole Saw On The Market

ModelTypeReach (ft.)Bar (in.)Motor/
Sun Joe
CordedUp to 1586.5-Amp7View on
CordedUp to 15108-Ampapprox. 9View on
BLACK+DECKER PP610CordedUp to 9.5106.5-Amp8View on
CordlessUp to 1486.3View on
GasUp to 12825cc
approx. 17.5View on

5 Best Pole Saw For Pruning 2017 Reviews

Based on the elements cited above, we list out the best pole saw in the market. To help the gardening lover just like you attain with a high-quality product with affordable price, except the name, it also describes the unit in detail.

Hope the information we deliver will support you to identify the most suitable in them. You can save your priceless time for valuing the product founded on the standards and give it for the other tasks. Likewise, the saw should worth your money, and the time you are waiting for it to be delivered.

Sun Joe SWJ800E Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw

If you want to own an inexpensive saw, the Sun Joe will be your best bud. Detached 8-inch bar and chain with and powerful 6.5-amp motor, the branches will not be the issue for you. It even can cut through the wood 7.5 inch thick.

Do you still remember about the weight of the saw that we have discussed? What the weight of the Sun Joe pole chain saw is unbelievable low just about 8 pounds. This advantage allows you to share the tool for anyone, might be your wife since it does not require too much muscle to deal with it.

The characteristic of this pole saw is it also added the automatic chain lubrication system. It will allow the chain to work more smoothly and reduce the sound transmitting. The bar will last longer and keep sharp for the extended time thanks to this.

Not only the pole saw own a great design, but its handle also assist you to grasp it quickly. Especially when you have to crunch the branch on the top of the trees, the length of the pole is adjustable; you even can shorten it while using the saw.

On the basis of standards, Sun Joe SWJ800E is the best cord pole saw. It meets all the requirements for an excellent one. Cost only $ 76.89, along with two-year warranty; this pole saw no doubt is the best option in the cord pole chain saw.

Things we liked
  • Adjustable pole, extension from 8.7 to 15 feet
  • Powerful motor, 8-inch cutting bar
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Beautiful design, low price, two-year warranty
  • Slight weight
Things we didn’t like
  • Doesn’t have a blade guard

Remington RM1025P Electric Chain Saw / Pole Saw Combo

While you are finding the best deal, Remington RM 1025P can not compare to Sun Joe on the scale of price. Conversely, it might be the second choice if you – users more care about the bar length and the motor of the product.

The Remington pole saw is introduced as a 2-in-1 unit. For this product, you can quickly remove the pole, and it is so suitable for the dead trees or bush on the ground. The saw also equipped with the pole have the extension to 15-feet. Therefore, you will not get so many difficulties with the “target” on the top.

Things we liked
  • 10-inch bar length and chain
  • 8-amp electric motor
  • Removable pole
Things we didn’t like
  • A little bit high price
  • Heavier than some of the cord products

BLACK+DECKER PP610 Corded Pole Saw

If you just look at the motor or compare the price, you will miss a chance to refer the Black+Decker pp610. 10-inch Oregon low-kickback bar but the weight just about 8 pounds, which is so light for you to lift it up.

The lubrication system is added is another fantastic function that the product tries to improve the experience for its customer. It ensures that the bar and chain are constantly oiled and reduce the friction causing the damage.

Things we liked
  • Long bar and chain allow cutting through thick branch
  • Low weight
  • Inexpensive
Things we didn’t like
  • Oil leaking (just a bit, but don’t bring it in house or leave it in furniture)

BLACK+DECKER LPP120 20V Lithium Ion Pole Saw

While avoiding a sound transmitter and finding the mobility of the product, you should not forget the cordless saw. Black + Decker LPP120 is such a fantastic device that we must mention it in our list. In other words, it is best cordless saw we have ever seen, of course, concede on the standard above.

The pole saw come with a Lithium-ion battery, which can provide you longer time for the task than the traditional one. The two-year warranty even includes the battery and the charger. Thus, you will not have to care about the pole saw as well as the battery.

You for sure will curious about the battery pack of the saw. The battery is capable of supplying energy enough for cutting roughly a hundred of the branch about 1 inch. You can believe that 8-inch cutting bar, it can complete well the task you give to it.

The pole can be divided into three part is another advantage of Back + Deck LPP120. It allows you to choose the appropriate length to suit your purpose, crunch the branch below and no limb beyond the reach. Clearly, this is the best cordless pole saw, no matter on what aspect you value it

Things we liked
  • The pole is divided into three piece
  • Long lifespan and charge retention
  • Reasonable price
  • 8-inch bar and powerful engine
  • Lightweight
Things we didn’t like
  • The reach is only 14 feet long

Remington RM2599 2-Cycle Gas Pole Saw

Thick branches need crunching? Do not worry; you can choose a gas pole saw to deal with the trimming task. Remington RM2599 Maverick is a good choice not for the expert but also for the people who want to keep their yard nice and neat.

The 25cc 2-cycle engine is the identification of this gas pole saw, make it stronger and stronger, enough to cut through any branch. Though the bar is only 8-inch long, it can give you a better experience than any other product. That reason why it is called best gas pole saw.

Anyway, you should pay attention for the weight of the product, 17.5 pounds, not easy to lift up. You should also count the amount of gasoline too. As for most of the product, its weight will not conclude the volume of fuel.

Things we liked
  • Reliable engine to conquer tough mission
  • Auto oiler
  • Engine long lasting
  • Nice design
  • Acceptable price
Things we didn’t like
  • Heavy
  • Require spare gas

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Pole Saw

The length of the pole

You might be aware of the fact that the length of the pole is various, often from 8 to 12 feet. The longer the pole is, the higher you can cut the branches of the trees. So, the length is the thing you should look at clearly when you want to purchase some gardening tools.

While the long pole allows you to reach the higher branch, it is harder to control the saw. By the way, it can also telescope, most of the pole saw nowadays can do that. But, to make sure, when choosing one, you should notice this.
That feature will allow the pole saw dominates less space in your stored house, transport without too much difficult. Be shorter when you need to crunch the low branch and extend to reach the branch in the top of the trees.

Differentiate between the maximum extension and pole reach is a necessary step when you read the advertisement. A person will height will be in the range of 3-5 feet, added up to the length of the pole is pole reach. Thus do not surprise when you see a 15-feet saw reach is just 10 or 12 long.

What material make up the pole?

Besides the engine, gas tank or the battery, the pole will take a large part in it the saw weight. The light material can increase or decline the weight of the product you choose. Nearly all the models make from at least one of the materials like plastic, steel or aluminum.

Aluminum is the best choice for all the user as it will make a pole to be super light-weight. Not only is aluminum special for that reason, but it is also well known for its durability. Lasting for a long time is what you can expect to form the highly durable pole handle.

At the same time, the handle of the product should deliver you the comfort. The grip of it will make sure you can control the saw and trim the branch and bush as you want. The pole diameter should be enough for you to hold firmly in the palm of your hand.

This is the critical element that your pole saw should have if you want to beautify your garden by own hand. The accuracy is the basis requirement for you as well the pole saw as it will create the beautiful view from the window of your house.

Bar length of the saw

The chainsaw bar can be measured from the front of the chainsaw to the cutting tip. After that, you can round it to the nearest inch to find the length. Typically, the 8-inch bar is very so often attached to the pole saw, though, 6, 10 or 12 inches is also existing to provide you more option.

To cut a branch of a tree, the bar saw needs to be longer than the diameter of the branch. To understand that, we will give you an example, if you want to cut through a 5-inch branch, the bar should be at least 6 inches to do it effectively.

The bar length of the pole saw is always inverse ratio to the energy consumption. Might you think that is excess right? However, we should remind you that never overlook it if you tend to buy a cordless product since the battery might not deal well with the too much time bar length.

The battery pack (for cordless only)

Does not like the gas or electric pole saw, the energy supply of the wireless one need time to recharge each time using. This issue will lead to that you can only use the saw in the quantified time. Also, the power of the saw is weaker and weaker as the battery is running out.

Not only how long the battery can keep the tool work, but you should also know that the time needs to recharge the battery. If it is quick, then you can take a break while waiting for the saw to collect its energy. This will ensure that the machine can work with the full force or can operate for a long time.

The weight of the saw

To emphasize the importance of the weight, you might imagine you in the gym with some dumb bells. It will give you a clear view how the heaviness your muscle has to lift. That is not mentioned about a long pole from 8 inches or more.

The time when doing the garden might range from 30 minutes to hours. As a result, take a too heavy one will not a brilliant choice for whom want to garden as a pleasure in their free time. You should serious about this unless you may regret it.

The design and the color

This is often not the thing for many people to think about. In the positive side, it is sure that an excellent, lovely pole saw can make you feel greater and more appealing when doing trimming work. Don’t you think about that before? How about trying for one? It is up to you.

An elegant and graceful design combine with the exceptional quality will provide you the best experience. Not only for the target to crunch the branches, but it can also be incredible for a gardening lover. That is a huge element for you to do housework and feel comfortable about it.

Your budget

How much need to spend on the pole saw to have a perfect one and have the payoff? That is the common question hanging in the buyer’s mind. You can believe that from 70 to 200 buds is enough for you to find a fine one, with the nice looking and reliable engine too.

The electricity is often cheaper for the price than another type. If you want to pay less for the gardening tools, the cord will be not bad. But, if other factors like power and mobility are indispensable, do not worry, you will be paid off for what you have purchased.


Buying the best pole saw is an antecedent condition for garden lovers to find their pleasure and enjoyment. On the basis of the power, weight, bar length, etc. we give out the general views of each best one. Now, you have the idea about the outstanding for your trimming work.

We hope that the post can hint and answer all of your doubt about pole saw. Just checking the dispensable product, you can recognize the best product that can satisfy you. A wise investment on the tool is never wrong.

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