The Best Lawn Sweepers – Essential Tools Of Smart Gardeners

Nothing can compare to the poetic, romantic and dreamlike than the garden with the falling leaves in the fall. However, behind the scenes, the beautiful view with the yellow leaves require a lot of caring and time to keep our garden clean.

No longer struggle with the rake or try to pick all the leaves on the lawn. No more spending whole day to get the job done. You can still enjoy the beauty of the garden in fall while give your body relax and easy with lawn sweeper.

In this article, we will discuss why you should have one with you in the garden than any other tools in the backyard. As we go on, we also review the best lawn sweeper and see what makes them stand out.

What Lawn Sweeper Is Characterized?

Not only to keep your garden clean but also to allow the sunlight to reach the lawn is important. The grass needs water, nutrient and sunlight to thrive. While you can not refuse to collect the leaves, this task is really time-consuming and tedious.

This product can support you to shorten the time for it. Imagine, you will not have to rake the whole garden. Collecting all the leaves, debris in the fastest and easiest way.

Moreover, it is the appropriate tools for solving two task at one time. Nothing can make you feel more daunting when have to clean the cut grass after clipping the lawn. With this tool, all the grass come out from the lawn mower will be collect without effort.

To avoid back pain or joint problem, this tool is a reliable company. Do not need to bend your back to rake. It is unnecessary to move around the garden from times to times. All the problem is solved with the technology.

And more important, do not let care for your garden is a task but a pleasure. Take it easy, with the assist of the device will make you feel pleased as well remain the love for gardening.


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Top 5 Best Lawn Sweepers For Gardening Lovers 2017 Reviews

1/ Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Sweeper Spiral Brush

If you are finding a small product to fit your lovely garden, you should not neglect Ohio Steel 43SWP22. The capacity up to 22 cubic foot is enough for the backyard. While 42-inch sweeping path allowing you to get your lawn care done quickly and efficiently.

The product also comes with 5 position hitch adjustment allows you to attach the product to the variety of tractors. The product is considered as easy to use and do not require a lot of effort to assemble it.

It will be unnecessary for you to worry about the logging problem as it is design with a 9-inch chute to prevent the leaves and the debris is trapped. Or it might take you extra time to deal with the similar problems.

Also, the Ohio Steel 42SWP22 sweeper own a beautiful design, make it comfortable for you to when cleaning the yard. At the same time, the attractive appearance makes it different when comparing with the others.

  • 5-position hitch adjustment
  • 11’ spiraled polypropylene brush
  • 42 sweeping width
  • 22 cubic foot capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Thin bottom

2/ Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper

If you love the quality as well any feature that the Ohio Steel product bring to you, but prefer the larger capacity. 25 cubic foot enough to cover all the place in your garden, make sure you will not need to empty the hopper while in the middle of the work.

The sweeping width is 50 inches; this helps you to finish the work in the limited time. The spiraled polypropylene brushes are 11 inches to make sure your sweeper can clean all the dust and the leaves and cut grass in the garden.

Brush to wheel turning ratio is 4.5 to 1; it means all the leaves and debris can be easily collected. Though the hopper can be removed completely, Ohio Steel 50SWP26 can let you feel satisfied with the small space It takes.

  • 50-inch sweeping width
  • 26 cubic foot hopper
  • 4.5 to 1 ratio
  • Compact storage
  • Sealed ball bearings on brush axle
  • lack of brush disengagement

3/ Agri-Fab 45-0320 42-Inch Tow Lawn Sweeper

If you have ever worry about the height of the brush, this one will be unnecessary for you to do that. With the system allow the user to adjust the height, you can ensure the product can sweep and clean all the leaves. Make your lawn totally clear without many passes.

The cubic is about 12 cubic foot, not too big, but enough to handle small garden even in the fall. The hopper and the construction both made from the high-quality material make sure it will last longer than other competitors.

Another strong point of this product is it can provide a three-year warranty to the customer. In the case you have ever experienced the low-quality product, you can feel security with this one. Being able to attach to most of the riding mower, this should be an excellent product for anyone.

The product can easy to connect to almost all the lawn mower allow you to cut and collect the glass in just one pass. The time you need for the garden then can reduce.

The time you need for the backyard just as the half as it used to. With the construction of the lightweight poly, it can both charge for the weight of debris while can endure the impact.

  • 12 cubic foot
  • Brush height can be adjusted
  • 42-inch wide
  • Durable, lightweight construction
  • little hard to assemble

4/ Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper

Leave your rake aside, no more hard working and exhausted Sunday for the garden. Let the Agri-fab 45-092 help you with the gardening task. With 44 inches wide and the capacity up to 25 cubic foot, the sweeper can deal with the heavy work.

While some product needs you to get off from the tractor, it is unnecessary for this model. You can start the sweeper while riding on the ATV.

The strength of this tools also come from the height adjustment lever to give you the chance to wipe all the leaves and grass into the hopper. If your garden has the variety type of trees, this adjustment can be a large difference to change messy to neat lawn.

Easy to use, easy to collapsed and store, the tool can be stored in the narrow area. This feature is so great as it allows to save the room for other instruments in the garden as well in the cramped house.

  • 25 cubic foot hopper
  • 44-inch width
  • Pull button for brush height adjustment
  • Can be collapsed easily
  • Wheel is not good for sharp turn

5/ Brinly STS-427LXH 20 Cubic Feet Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper

If you are finding the high-velocity brushes, this sweeper is what you should give a look. The product can help you to done the work with less effort but still can remain the beauty of the yard.

The capacity is 20 cubic foot, match with the 42-inch width is the perfect combination to create the best tool for the garden lover. While 42 inch sounds like the better for the small backyard, the hopper can hold up to 20 cubic foot of leaves and debris ensure for less emptying.

Asides, the durability is what you will not have any worry about as it bag is made from the poly weave fabric. Long lasting, strong, enduring you can believe on this foundation your Brinly STS-437LXH will not break seasons after seasons.

The height adjustment is the significant advantages. Leaves from all type of trees will be collected in the hopper including the pine needles. Let your garden beautiful clean with the green, neat lawn.

The great thing about this product as my experience is it really take little space in the warehouse. The design for the upright storing position makes it convenient and comfortable not only on the lawn but also in the store.

  • High-velocity brushes
  • Height adjustment system
  • 42-inch width
  • 20 cubic foot capacity hopper
  • Minimal space needed for storage
  • Wheel slide on wet grass

How To Choose The Appropriate Tools For Garden?

The size of the hopper

You might want to count the trees in your garden while deciding the size of that components. The more trees, the more leaves appear on the lawn. Meanwhile, you will need to estimate the number of leaves in the fall because it is the time for the massive amount of leaves falls.

The high capacity means you will not need to stop your task to empty the hopper. It takes time and wears out your patient. Reduce the trips to the garbage will make the job faster and reduce your workload.

Advice for the enthusiastic gardener when they come to a decision is their hopper should be at least 12 cubic-foot if the yard is quite small. 26 feet sound fine for the medium garden, but with the estate one, you will want to choose the largest with 78 cubic feet or more to minimum empty times.

Sweeper width

When selecting a model, all we consider the width is a major factor for everyone to save laboring. Literally, the thing you have to pay most concern is the width of the sweeper.

Do not want to pass through the garden for many time? Or want to finish your task quickly? The length of the brush is what you have to pay consideration for.

The product can collect more leaves and debris in one pass. Especially when you attach it to the lawn mower, it can guarantee the grass will be gathered into the hopper while you are manicuring the lawn.

Anyway, there is only an exception for the wide lawn sweeper show its drawback. It is when your yard is narrow and available many objects like trees, sculpture, or the pot of plants. Those things will prevent a great tool to work efficiently.

Thus, depend on the garden, you will need to choose the appropriate sweeper for your garden. There is no ultimate option, just the most suitable choice for keen gardeners.


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The material and construction

Most of the new sweeper is usually made of plastic. This reduces the weight of the product while still provide the best experience to the customer.

Strong, durable and lightweight is the what you can have formed the plastic fabric hopper. Prevent it from wearing or tearing out too soon as well avoid the holes appear on the hopper in spite of extreme conditions.

At the same time, the construction from the metal allows the product can hold the debris. Moreover, it can take all the physical impact without damage. Give a chance for the lawn sweeper lasting for an extended time and help you to save bucks on the gardening tools.


A good pair of the wheel is the thing for you to pay attention to. To move smoothly in the rough backyard, you can not ignore the support of the wheel. On all the terrain, you will not have to care about the lawn mower.

Besides, you can adjust the speed to arrive at your expectation, with the excellent wheels. Move more rapid in the case you want to complete the task faster. Your sweeper will not be trouble for you to accelerate the tractor.

In addition, the wheel should deliver you the grip even in the slippy muddy ground. That will ensure it will go in the straight and not change the direction. Likewise, does not get stuck in the hole or being pulled down when going up the steep area.

Assemble and storing

“a coin has two sides,” likewise for the assembling; it is the benefit while also the weakness of a product. With the assembled product, you will not have to spend the time to deal with the cumbersome introduction. However, it means you can not save the space in your storehouse.

The easier for you to put all the parts together, similarly, you will not have to struggle to detach the components. This feature allows you to save the space in your house, while the time it cost you be negligible.


Choosing a new tool for gardening has never been an easy task. However, this might change when you have a clear view and identify all the evaluation of criteria to suit your usage.

Combining with our recommendation and your garden condition, you will not waste too much time to find a product comply with your requirements. The best lawn sweepers can make you please and worthy for bucks you pay.

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