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As well the human need food to grow up and thrive, the glass need fertilizer to build up the green and beautiful view for the house. The fertilizer spreader is a good way for labor-saving and makes a good foundation for a lively, attractive yard.

Homeowners want to have a beautiful yard, this requires regularly maintaining. While the lawn with the blotchy and brown will not look appealing to the eye. In the case you can not choose one between two options, fertilizer spreader is the best thing for DIY gardeners.

However, you might still hesitate for your choice or do not know what should you base on to have the best fertilizer spreader tools. Knowing the barrier and the challenging of the novice gardeners. Our article concentrates on delivering the clear view as well the specialty of each model to help them to find the most suitable one for them.

More than just fertilizer the soil

As the name of the tool might tell us the primary usage of that thing, however, after using it, we find out it actually have more usage than you can think about. If you get busy and do not want to sow the seeds in the traditional way, you can use the sprayer to do that.

Also, if you live in the freezing area and have to handle the ice regularly, this product is a good step for you to do with the relief for hands. Spraying melting salt no more become a heavy task for you.

Saving time, effort, and prevent the pain for the muscle, this is the thing people will find when they use it. As it is the reliable support for the gardening chore.

Differentiate the type of fertilizer spreader

Handheld spreader

Lightweight, compact, can work in every situation, can be mobilized to every corner of your backyard is what you can expect a portable spreader can have.

If you ignore them as you so strongly assert that the size of tools is ratio with its ability, you wrong this time. This type of spreader still very effective especially when you have to deal with the narrow area.

With the handheld sprayer, you should pay attention to check whether the device is attached the motor or operated by a crank. While the crank requires your laboring, the one with motors will need the battery. It requires you a little consideration to find out what you really need.

Push spreader

This one is specially designed for the medium garden with large capacity for the huge container to keep enough fertilizer for the whole lawn. But not like the handheld one, it is provided with the wheel to help you to move the spreader easier.

This type is provided with the high handle, so you can push it while walking in your garden. That might reason why it is also called the walk-behind spreader.

The principle for this spreader to work is easy when the wheel is rolling; the spreading mechanism begins to work. Since it works basing on the gear, it is unnecessary for you to worry about the battery issue.

The speed of the sprayer also can be changed quickly. The faster you walk; the more fertilizer is sprayed on the soil. This might sound better for you as you can leisurely speed up and shorten the time for the gardening task to suit the limited time you have.

Reduce the weight for your hand, save your back from the heavy amount of fertilizer as well the seed or salt for melting ice. The push sprayer is the right choice to reduce your workload.


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Tow-behind spreader

While all the spreader is made to save your laboring, but the tow-behind is the real stuff to allow your body to rest completely. Working on the same principle with the push spreader, but you can let your hand fully relax with this one.

With the large capacity as well the strong wheel, this model is designed to collaborate with the pulling machine. The tractor could be a ride on lawn mower or an ATV; it will make sure you will not have to use your energy too much and save time for the spacious garden.

The only thing with this tool is it need you to install it in the pulling machine; it might be difficult a little at fist. Nevertheless, it should not be a challenge for you in the second or the third time.

What Qualities Make Up A Good Spreader?


For sure, all the customer wants to focus on a product is the durability. No one intends to purchase the new one for every season, this is not only the matter of money but also the time, as you have to wait for new one to deliver.

To ensure the strong one, people usually pop up with the metal one in their mind. This sound logical, but in fact, the metal one is often affected by rust. In reserve, plastic is not affected by the rust or corrosion, just make sure you choose the strong one.

Also, do not forget to check the tire, since it has to carry the weight of the spreader and the fertilizer. The tire needs to be strong; the axle is sturdy to make sure it lasts for a long time.

Hopper size

The capacity of the spreader again is an important thing for you to consider. My friend, a DIYer, are always complaining about the size of his hopper. That remind me when giving you advice.

Refilling the pesticide or the seed constantly might not a good idea. It takes times as well require your patient, and lessen your performance.

Look at the capacity when you look for a fertilizer spreader and find the best one to arrive at your needs. While you tend to pick a handheld device, make sure you pleased with its hopper size.


A drop spreader is a good thing for the accuracy and stability. Like its name, the fertilizer will only drop down from the spreader; it is more suitable with the small yard. It easy to control since it is not affected by the wind or any other factors.

On the other hand, broadcast spreader is a tool to increase your productivity. The fertilizer will fall from the hopper onto the revolving disk and is distributed to the lawn. Quicker but less precise and harder to control make it not suit for the beginners.

Easy to use and assemble

To invest time for learning how the spreader work and to utilize the ability of the spreader is alright. However, if you find that the is too complicated, and take your hours to understand, it might be not useful accessories for the gardener.

How to calibrate the hopper or the adjust the spreader should be easy to comprehend that make it worth for its money. Let you master the way to use the tools in the shortest period of time.

At the same time, the tool should not be too difficult to assemble. In the case, you find that assembling the tools are too complicated to you. The better for you is to choose the assembled tools.

Top 5 Highly Recommended Fertilizer Spreaders Reviews 2017

#1. Scotts Wizz Hand-Held Spreader

Roughly 2 pounds, this product surely is a good one to help you with the workload of gardening. It is a useful feature when you are comparing with other product as you can bring everywhere on your foot.

More appealing, the Scot Wizz is provided with the motor, help you to handle the work. All thing you need to do is fill the hopper, hold the device in your hand and walk around in the garden.

Battery-operated tools will increase your performance as well save the energy for gardening work. As well it much more convenient as you just need one hand to work with the garden than the crank spreader. Then you can switch the Scot Wizz spreader from hand to hand when it wears out.

Using 4 AA batteries, it does not require you to recharge it frequently as other products. No more getting mad when the handheld spreader run out of batteries while you in the middle of the process. But you still have your choice, purchase some rechargeable batteries if you think it necessary.

With the hopper can provide enough for 2,500 sq, it can guarantee for the beauty of the small garden without refilling. Even though the size is small, it still suitable for the purpose of contributing rock salt or seed as long as it not too big.

It does not need to mentioned, but low price and durability are the most concern for the customer. You will not have to care about lifespan as this product is made from the endurable plastic, slow down the corrosion. Besides, it is quite cheap, just below 20 bucks for this one.

  • Edge guard and handy lock
  • Capacity up to 2,500 sq
  • Battery-operated product
  • Already assembled
  • Broadcast sprayer
  • Lightweight, Cheap, Durable
  • Can not contribute the big pellets

#2. Earthway 2050p Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader

Combine with the various materials like metals, plastic, and rubber; this spreader is what will not let you down. The construction makes of the thick metal can carry a significant amount of the fertilizer. Asides, the solid plastic will not be broken easily by the weight.

In addition, the product has the large, rugged pairs of the wheel, allow you to move the spreader on all the terrain. The tread of the wheel makes it not hard for you to push it through the muddy area, making it sense to any gardener.

The capacity of the Earthway 2050P is around 80 pounds, make it so right for you to be to cover a big garden. While the size could be a little bit, you will not have to care about its ability in the narrow area.

In addition, you can adjust the rates of distribution, with the “Ev-N-spred” system to give out the amount you want. The only problem is it not assembled yet; it will take you a little time to work with the parts.

  • 80-pound capacity hopper
  • 10-inch tires
  • “Ev-N-Spred” system to adjust the fertilizer amount
  • Sturdy frame
  • Expensive

#3. Scotts Classic Drop Spreader

In the case you want to find a product to suit your budget, the Scotts classic drop spreader is what you should look at. With the large hopper, it can hold the area for more than 10 thousand square feet. Therefore, it is not a bad investment for the medium garden.

Scotts product is already assembled, ready for you to use right away it is delivered. It is convenient to the gardener with the 22 inch spread pattern to support you to finish the fertilizing task in the shortest time.

With the high-quality farm, you will not have to care about the durability of this spreader. Moreover, the Scotts spreader is also well known for its accuracy; it will make sure you have a lovely garden with the precise to the inch.

This feature helps you to easy build up a pretty garden; this is the great advantages of this product. This usually happens to one of my cousins since he can not sow the seed as the plan, this break the texture of the garden. The accuracy is what you need, to create the lovely green garden.

  • Heavy duty frame
  • 22-inch spread
  • Fully assembled
  • Large hopper can hold 10,000 square
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to be clog

#4. Agri-Fab 45-0463 Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

The Large landscape will need the appropriate tools to handle. To give the care for the estate garden, you will need the support of the machine. Tow broadcast spreader Is what you can ignore while you have the same problem.

Aluminum as the primary material makes the spreader have a solid construction. Furthermore, it can prolong the life span of the product’s gear. You will not need to concern about the weight as the aluminum is one of the lightest metal while is characteristic with its strength.

Nothing can be the better choice than the Agri- Fab 45-0463, with the smart design, it not only has the perfect appearance but also suits for your work. The maximum hopper capacity is up to 130 pounds might surprise you. Those features allow you to save time for both spreading and refilling.

The product is attached to the large diameter tires and the wide wheelbase, make it suit for even rough terrain with the high speed.

What I fall for this product is the on/ off is in the reach of the hand while you are on the tractor seat. Make it the tedious and exhausting task become fast and effortless.

  • Capacity up to 130 pound
  • Suit to most of the terrain
  • Hard frame
  • Lightweight
  • Switch is accessible from tractor
  • Have to assemble before using
  • Spring on the hopper is week

#5. Brinly Bs36bh Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

What unique form this product is the frame of the product is power coated. This makes the surface of the Brinly BS35BH is less likely to have the scratch. Also, it will make sure the metal parts is well protected from the rust and corrosion.

With the hopper can keep up to 175 pounds, the spreader can be responsible for one arc or larger yard. Thank an accurate spread system, this model is an excellent option to reduce the amount of fertilizer for the garden.

The model should not be a puzzle for you as it is quite easy to assemble. All the thing need to do is following the instruction in the manual. It just takes you more or less half an hour for the tools is ready in your garden.

  • Can handle the area up to few arc
  • Spread patterns control
  • Durable
  • Power coated
  • Large capacity
  • Need assembling
  • Heavy


Nothing can make your neighborhood more envy than the young, green and lively lawn covering the house. The fertilizer is the best thing will help you in the journey of creating the best view from the window.
Nevertheless, there is no “one size fits all”, that is what I get when watching other people experience different fertilizer spreader. Thus, the decision is on your hand, find the one most suitable for you and your garden. To save time, effort but create a lovely garden on your own.

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