Best Garden Hose Reel Roundup – 2017 Reviews

Do you want to keep your garden looking great? You will need the garden hose to ensure that you can keep watering the plants or the lawn. Once you’ve done with the maintenance, then you will have to store your garden hose. The hose reel is important to make sure that you can always end up having an easier time folding the garden hose for storage. We get to look at the best garden hose reel that you can use from today.

Some Types of Garden Hose Reel

It is only after learning about the top types of a hose reel that you will get to choose the right one for yourself. Here are the top types of the garden hose reel.

Stationary hose reels

These are the simplest type of hose reels that you can get today on the market. They would have a mechanism where you manually rewind the hose back onto the reel. They can easy and cheap, but they are often made of cheap materials that might not always work great in the end.

Portable hose reels

These reels would be designed and built so that they have to be portable with the garden hose if the need arises. You will still have to rewind the hose onto the reel when you have to store the garden hose. Thanks to the rubber wheels, you can push the hose around.

Hose reel carts

The hose reel carts have the same operation as the portable hose reels, but they often have a different design. They are normally designed to have a horizontal look, which is a table-like design. They can even have shelves and storage compartments for storing other supplies.

Hideaway hose reels

These types of reels would have a different design from the others in the sense they can be able to hide the hose in a box. Once you are done with using the garden hose, you simply crank it back into the box for storage.

Decorative hose reels

These hose reels are not just for storing your garden hose, but rather important for decoration too. They would come in different designs that make it possible for them to complement the exterior decoration.

Below is a quick summary of what you can expect when looking for the best garden hose reel for yourself.

ModelFeaturesHose CapacityManual or automatic 
Eley/ Rapid
Garden Hose
Reel Cart
- It comes with a great paint job
- It is made of rust proof materials
- The use of larger tires help with mobility
150 feetView on
Liberty Garden
3-in-1 Garden Hose Reel
- Great for professional needs
- Keeps the hose neat and ready to use
- Durable 13-gauge steel construction
- Large capacity
200 feetManualView on
PW100 Garden
Hose Reel
- Automatic winding mechanism
- Foot pedal for easy use
- Comes fully assembled
- It has a tangle free design
100 feetAutomatic

View on
- It prevents the hose from tangling
- Automatic hose reel system for faster operation
- Stakes help it be secure on the ground
225 feetAutomaticView on
Gardena Retractable
Hose Reel
- Easy to operate
- Integrated steel spring ensures powers retraction
- Mounting hardware available with the product
82 feetManualView on

Top 5 Best Garden Hose Reel On the Market 2017 Reviews

#1. Eley/ Rapid Reel Two Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart

Working in your garden is always easier with the right hose reel to move your garden hose around. You are in luck when you get this model as it is well-made as compared to the other models. It should be possible to have this model for a long time to come thanks to the rust-proof materials used to make it.

The frame and the body are made of thick aluminum material and as for the swivel mechanism, it comes made of brass which is both known to be rust-proof materials.

The inclusion of the rubber tires is a great way of making sure that the hose reel is quite portable. You can push it to where you want it. The tires are made to be large enough to aid in easy mobility. You do not have to worry about filling them with air as they are foam filled. You can use them for a lifetime without worrying about them going flat.

As much as many people are afraid of tackling the assembly process of many tools, this one is made to be easier. It should be easy to assemble by following the included manual and also using the Allen wrenches.

  • It comes with a great paint job
  • It is made of rust proof materials
  • The use of larger tires help with mobility
  • It comes with maintenance free tires and axle bushings
  • The reel brakes keep the hose from unintentionally unwinding itself
  • It does not come with a hose guide
  • No shelf available to keep accessories

#2. Liberty Garden Products 703-1 Wall and Floor Mount Garden Hose Reel

This hose reel without does a lot of things for the gardeners. It has been made to be heavy duty so that it can last for years when using it. Most people who have used it agree it has helped them achieve the best performance. It can easily be mounted on the wall so that the hose can be easily rolled onto the reel with ease and still protect it from damage.

The 13-gauge metal used to make sure that it can keep looking strong even years of use. The additional powder coating of the metal helps the unit to be even stronger and better than other comparable models.

The product comes with an amazing capacity of up to 200 feet of hose. Not many people would need such a big hose, but if it comes to that, you will always have an easy way to store the hose on the reel.

The 3-in-1 design means that you can have it mounted on the wall, floor or anchor in your lawn. This makes it to have multiple applications.

  • Multiple applications for the hose
  • Made of highly durable materials
  • Has a large hose capacity
  • It is to mount the reel
  • It tends to rust at the joints

#3. Suncast PW100 100-Foot Garden Hose Reel

A lot of benefits go into automating certain gardening tools that we commonly use. You can check out just how people like this model of garden hose reel that can automatically rewind the garden hose into its storage compartment. It is possible for you to experience that if you get the model today.

It has an average capacity of 100 feet of garden hose. This capacity should be enough to hose common types of hoses that people have today. You should be able to keep the hoses protected from any damage with ease.

You get the model delivered to you when it is already assembled. Do not have to worry about handling the complex assembly process on yourself. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that helps with the winding mechanism.

  • Can automatically reel the hose with ease
  • Easy to operate with the foot pedal
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Has a tangle free design for the hose
  • The winding mechanism can wear down quite easily
  • You have to keep on recharging the unit

#4. Suncast CPLSSM200B Swivel Hose Hideaway with Smart Trak Hose Guide

This is another automatic reel hose that you might have been looking for a long time. Most of the time, people are always looking for something that can deliver on the best hose reel that works for them perfectly. You can be sure this one with work for longer thanks to the different durable material used to make it.

The base is made to swivel so that the unwinding of the hose can be easier. The best part is that you can end up storing 225 feet of hose. You can always be sure that it is something that works great for you in the end. It is also able to track the hose back onto the reel without doing much. The presence of stakes helps to keep it securely on the ground all the time.

  • It is easy with the reeling
  • The stakes hold the reel on the ground
  • It has a large hose capacity
  • The winding mechanism can wear down after a year or so

#5. GARDENA Retractable 82-Feet Hose Reel

With each day that passes, it is possible for you to get advanced garden hose reels such as this one. The mechanism for retracting the reel has been made to be easier than most people would expect. You simply have to pull the hanging hose on the side and the lock is released. The hose would now be drawn back into the box without any cranking or bending of the hose.

The manufacturer has it integrated with a steel spring that helps a lot with the retraction process. The integrated hose guide also helps with guiding the hose so that it does not end up tangling or twisting.

During the winter, you can have the model moved from outdoors to other places where it does not end up being frosted. It has a great handle that you simply have to use for carrying the product around.

  • It comes with a great hose guide
  • The hose does not twist or tangle
  • It is easy to mount
  • Offers a powerful hose retraction method
  • It has a small hose capacity of 82 feet

How to Choose the Best Garden Hose Reel

Find out how much it can hold

The amount of garden hose the hose reel can hold is always. You have to be sure that you get the right type of hose reel that can handle all your garden hose at once. Most of the time you would get the garden hose being 150 feet. You are in luck as most of the garden hose reels would be within this range. You can now opt for the right garden hose reel depending on the size of garden hose it can handle.


The portability is often quite an issue for some people. You want to be sure that you get the right model that can easily move from one place to another if you have to handle more gardening options. As for portability, you have to check if the model has the best wheels for moving around. The garden hose can be quite heavy, so you do not want your new hose reel to lack wheels that can move it around with ease.

Manual or automatic

You should always think about the different hose operation to make a decision. It is possible that you have already encountered the manual hose reel. Some models now come with their mechanism automated. You simply have to press a button or step on a pedal and the winding starts. It can get the job done easily than when using the manual method. You should also know that such a type would need to have the battery or any other power source to run the winding mechanism.

Learn from others

The reviews about the others are important. Sometimes you get someone choosing the best garden hose reel only to end up being disappointed. You have to make sure that you get it right the first time by learning from what others say about the model. If the model is great, many people will always be talking about its greatness and durability.


As you can see, you can always end up with the best garden hose reel if you know what to look for. The Liberty Garden Products 3-in-1 is something that you can choose if you have not made up your mind. The model is made with great material that can last you for a long time to come. It does not also rust so that you do not end up feeling that you wasted your money.

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