Best Essential Oil Diffuser for a Large Room 2017 Reviews

The best essential oil diffuser, then you would be looking at a range of products today. The many models you get on the market might be tough on you to make the right decision. Well, do not worry because you will get to learn more about the best essential oil diffusers in this guide. The right models would always have the best features you need for keeping the room fresh and still keeping you relaxed over time.

Other than the product reviews, we still get to give more tips on choosing the best model.

Types of Essential Oil Diffusers

Below are the top types of essential oil diffusers you can get on the market right now.

The Nebulizer

In terms of power, this is seen as the most powerful diffuser you can get on the market right now. They would often be made of strong material and also easy to implement. With these diffusers, you will not need to heat or use water for the diffusion process. You simply get to attached the essential oil bottle and you are good to go.

You can expect that the spray from this type of model would be as thick as the essential oil is attached directly to the diffuser. With a special atomizer, the essential oil is made airborne and supplied to different areas of the room. The diffuser will always be delivering the best sprays that would also be continuous too.

Turning or operating the device is seen to be easy as it comes with a few buttons for controlling it. The timers available on the device should make it easy for the users to a time when to turn off the diffuser just in case they leave the house or at night.

Ultrasonic Diffuser

This type of diffuser is known for giving a fine mist that can be inhaled safely and easily. You would feel that the mist is not choking you at all, but rather it would improve the air quality in the room. Since this type of diffuser uses water, the concentration of oil in the mist is not too strong.

One of the additional benefits is that such models would come with multiple functions. Most of them would work as a humidifier too. It might not be as expensive as the nebulizer, but it will always give you the best performance. The common issue that people have with this model should be because of the lights that you cannot turn off. Such an issue could lead to irritation. Depending on the type, sometimes you get some with a button for turning off the light.

Evaporative diffuser

The evaporative diffusers would come with a pad or filter and a fan important for diffusing the essential oil. The essential oil would be dropped on the pad or filter and then the fan comes in handy for blowing the essential oil into the atmosphere. The scent should easily be circulated into the room for you to enjoy the new freshness in the room.

Heat Diffusers

This is another type of essential oil diffuser that works almost the same as the evaporative diffuser. Instead of a fan, you would be using heat to disperse the oil into the atmosphere. The problem is that you get to break down the chemical compounds of the essential oils, which might lead to fewer benefits.

Why you need an Essential Oil Diffuser?

You might be sitting there thinking to yourself, why should I even get an essential oil diffuser? The following benefits of owning one should make you easily decide.

Great for relaxation and sleep

The common use of the essential oils would be helping a person to relax after a long day at work. It is the reason you get to see more people choosing to pick the essential oils for spas. That soothing feeling is what most people are always looking for to keep them having a great time at the end of the day. Well, you do not always have to visit the expensive spas when you can do the same relaxation by opting for an essential oil diffuser.

Mood elevation

People having issues with mood swings would often look for a way to cheer them up. It would be important you get a diffuser to help with eliminating the stress levels. With the atmosphere being filled with the essential oil, then you should have an easy time winding down and elevating your moods to be happier.

Dealing with illness

Yes, it is possible for you to deal with illnesses such as flu, cold, and many others when you choose to have an essential oil diffuser. The essential oils often have the anti-microbial properties important for dealing with the pathogens that could cause the illness. The essential oils are further important for boosting the immune system of a person.

Get to breathe easily

Sometimes you might be having the issue of inflammation and congestion in your airways. With the use of essential oils, such an issue can easily be cleared. The best way to clear the respiratory tract is through inhaling the essential oils. The diffuser comes in handy to ensure that you get the essential oils airborne. It is also the same thing for those who might have issues with allergies.

Pain relief

It is common that most people would tell you that it is easier to have pain relief when you apply the essential oil directly to the affected area. It is still possible to clear headaches when you get to inhale the essential oils. What is does is to soothe and relax you enough that you do not have to worry about the issues of pain anymore.

Better alternative to incense or candles

It is possible that sometimes you want your room to smell nice, so you would opt for some scented candles or incense. The problem is that such materials might contain hazardous ingredients that would not be great for you. The trick is opting for the alternative, which would be choosing the essential oil diffuser. Since everything in the essential oil would be natural, you should have no problem at all with it.

5 Best Essential Oil Diffusers For Lagre Spaces Reviews

#1. URPower 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier

For most people who are looking for something great to work as an essential oil diffuser, this product could be it. It comes with 3 functions integrated into one device. It can work as an aromatherapy diffuser, night light, and humidifier. With all these features, you should easily see that the model offers the best value for the money.

The advanced ultrasonic diffusing technology comes in as an important bit to offer an amazing frequency of 2.4 million times per second. This should easily break the water and essential oils into the fine microparticles for diffusion. The best part is that you do not need any heat to get this done.

The 500 ml capacity of water is great, as you do not need to keep on refilling the water each time. It can run continuously for up to 10 hours on the 500 ml water. If there is no water, the model turns off automatically.

  • Does not need heating
  • Multiple functionality
  • Impressive water capacity
  • Improves air quality
  • Some feel it is an expensive model

#2. PureSpa Deluxe Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

This diffuser comes made of some premium materials that would give you the best performance over the years. It comes with the ultrasonic diffuser, which seems as a must have for most essential oil diffusers. What it does is to convert the essential oil into a cool mist that makes the room smell better. This is the best alternative to the synthetic air fresheners most people use in their offices or home.

The 120 ml water tank for some it is sufficient enough to keep on getting the fresh fragrance smell from the diffuser. You will also not need to spend more trips refilling this type of model, which would mean interrupting the aromatherapy sessions.

For its size, the model can easily cover a room of up to 250 square feet. For such an application, you should it being favored by people who want a diffuser for their bedrooms, bathrooms or small offices.

There is also the ionizer important for producing the negative ions important for lifting your mood and keeping you happy all the time.

  • The ionizer is great for lifting mood
  • Great cool mist
  • BPA-free
  • Large water tank
  • Mostly great for small rooms

#3. Amir 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser, Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

It is possible that you would be looking for something different to give you the same kind of relaxation you get at the spa. Well, for this model, it is made to be soothing and relaxing. There is no doubt that you can now enjoy the relaxation in the comfort of your house. The diffuser will easily transcend you into having deep relaxation the moment you switch it on.

The model is further made to have a quiet ultrasonic operation. You would not even notice that it is powered unless you check the indicator. Such quietness makes it among the favorite for most users. The model is further made to be used as an aromatherapy diffuser, air purifier, night-light, and humidifier. You will definitely find it quite useful when looking to get one for yourself.

The impressive 500ml water capacity should give the user more time of operation. The machine would run for 8 hours continuously in high mist mode and then 17 hours when in low mist mode.

  • Easy controls
  • Impressive capacity
  • Quiet operation
  • Multifunctional
  • It lacks better durability

#4. TaoTronics Essential Oil Diffuser

The styling you get with this diffuser is one of a kind. The Zen style design makes it look lovely and brings a great atmosphere in the room. It should be great for you to enjoy having a way of relieving the stress you get mostly from having to work the whole day. The continuous mist time should always give you the best atmosphere for relaxation.

The model is made to work using three contemporary technology. Using the diffuser, it is able to cleanse the living space and raise your air quality within the room. There is also the humidifier that will add enough moisture to the air and help with soothing the skin. Finally, there is the LED mood lighting that provides the best light therapy you might need for your sleep.

The model further offers you different colors to choose from when you need to use the LED mood lighting. You can choose from 7 colors, so you have a chance of actually ending up with a color you like.

  • Multiple functions
  • Great design
  • It has a humidifier
  • It can light in different colors
  • The models feels cheaply made

#5. VicTsing 300ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

Being a 300ml essential oil diffuser, you should find more use for it easily in different rooms. Most people find it great for the living room, office, bedroom, yoga clubs and a lot more. The capacity is also great so that you do not have to keep refilling it more often.

From the design, it is something that would feel comfortable having in the room. The natural appearance easily complements the other décor in the room where this model is placed. You should easily forget about your stress whenever you see it and turn it on to create the best environment for relaxation.

The model is built to offer whisper-quiet operation. For those people who are not always sure about which model to get, then this one should work great. It further comes with an automatic power off safety system. This should protect the product from burning out when the water level in low.

  • Simple to operate
  • It is whisper quiet in operation
  • Automatic power off for safety
  • Great design
  • It does not have a strong build

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Essential Oil Diffuser for a Large Room

To make your mind about the best product often would be based on some important considerations. Below are the things you have to consider when opting for a great essential oil diffuser.

Cost of the diffuser

The cost of the diffuser is often something that could make people think twice about getting a certain model. The diffusers would come at different prices, so you have to make sure that you get to pick the right one based on your budget. The best thing to do would be comparing between different models before coming up with a final decision on the model that you find great.

Mode of operation

Depending on the type of essential oil diffuser, you can always pick the right model. From above, we have discussed some of the top types and their pros and cons. You can now opt for a model knowing how it exactly works and how you would benefit from it. Some of the popular modes of operation would be the ultrasonic diffusers. They are cheaper and deliver a better performance than most types.

The type of essential oil needed

The essential oil would be great depending on the type you get to use. Some people would not always love the essential oils. You have to find those that you make your breathing better and also get to enjoy how they smell. Some manufacturers of the different diffusers would recommend that you get to use a certain type of essential oils if you want it to work correctly with the diffuser.

The space the diffuser can cover

The diffuser would have an area it can easily cover when it comes to the spreading of the essential air in the room adequately. The manufacturer would have this kind of information in the description so that you know more about it before you can buy the model. Depending on the size and other considerations, a model might be great for small or larger rooms.

The noise level

You have to think about the noise level you get from the diffuser when it is operating. The diffusers might produce some slight noise, but others would be loud. Not many people wish to end up with loud diffusers especially in rooms such as the bedroom. You can always check through several models and their reviews to find one that is quiet.


As you can see, a number of options exist today for those looking to get themselves the best essential oil diffuser. It is important that you get to pick the right model today. From the reviews above, you should have a clear expectation of what to choose when it comes to the best essential oil diffuser. Starting today, you should have no excuse why you cannot enjoy a fresh environment when all these models are available.

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