Best Compost Tumbler On The Market 2017 Reviews

Want to improve your garden? Lack to find a way to green your lawn? The tumbler is a step useful for any garden lover who wants to better their yard. With the best tumbler, you have the endless compost supply for the plants.
Since it is a solidly constructed, reliable, efficient, speedy turnover time product, it is a must-have component while doing gardening. To find a fine one, it might take you roughly few days to a week. However, the garden lover does not care about the nutrient for the soil can not call themselves as one.


Why You Need Compost Tumbler?

Compost tumbler becomes more and more popular among gardener and homeowner, though, it does not mean you need to pay for it. In fact, it should be supported you to have the beautiful lawn and lovely garden. With the nutritious compost, it is possible for you to do that.

Do you want to have the permanent supply of the “black gold” to provide for the garden? To start for prettifying your garden, where else can provide for you that thing? Yeah, an excellent compost tumbler is good for that reason.
The special of the compost is that It can prevent some disease for the plant and help them defend themselves. The compost can keep and retain the water very well, in the summer, it will support for the lawn, prevent it change from green to yellow.

The Benefit Of The Compost Tumbler

Animals control

If you have a large garden and have not used the compost tumbler before, the animal might be a concern for you. From the pets like dog or cat to the mice, they might mess up everything, including your compost. With the tumbler, this will never happen.

If you used to fail to make the compost, you could rely on the tumbler, as it is sealed, the animal can not get in there. Besides, the scent is hard to get out, it will not attract the mice, although, their nest might be around the compost for just a few meters.

Save your money

If you have ever thought that the compost tumbler takes you hundreds of bucks, think it back! It is not a payment, but an investment instead, by paying for a compost tumbler, the trash in your house can become the fertilizer for the garden.

You will not need to spray the formula for the plant for every season or fertilizer them. You can avoid the must-have payment for the fertilizer as it is unnecessary. Asides, you can believe that you have the natural fertilizer. If you grow the vegetable, there will not produce an excess chemical in your food.

Pay for the produce at the grocery store can take you to hundreds of bucks. Instead of that, there still a quicker way and cheaper way available, the product of the composting process. Getting rid of the risks for you, in the scale of economical, the composting product seems entirely overwhelmed.

We often hear that “money doesn’t grow on trees” sure it is, but who can expect the money can be found among the trash? Thus, never overlook this benefits of the compost tumbler, it will bring you more than it takes.
save money for growing plant

Storing water

If saving some budget can not change your mind, or you do not care about the money have to pay for the yard. Then how about water? There sure will be some time we forget to water the yard, or we too busy to do it. Storing water ability is so persuasive for you to take it.

By retaining the moisture, the soil can keep its moisture, which is a way to upgrade the soil. You can save the water by increase the ability of the soil. However, more importance, you pass watering for one or two days, but do not have to care about your liveliness of your plants.

The story does not stop when you can save the water, but also the time and the energy, which is limited in the pleasure time. For the benefits, this is the best thing we always want to introduce to the garden lovers. It can bring more wonderful experience than you can expect.

Save space

The space need for composting process is a big problem for any gardeners. You as well as most of the gardeners often afraid of the space the compost heap takes. So, why don’t you choose the tumbler, that is a good solution to get the compost supply?

If you want to make your house look neat, at the same time, can enrich the soil of the garden, the compost tumbler no doubt will be the good start to improving your garden. With less effort and a short period of time, you can do it!!!

Top 5 Best Compost Tumbler 2017 Reviews

To look through the thousands of product and value them base on the standard is a tough mission. For the reason of that, we give you the five recommendation, basing on the on the thousands of products. Now, you can remove your worries and concern, and choose the satisfactory unit for your own.

Yimby Tumbler Composter

The design of the Yimby tumbler composter is the characteristic as well the unique of this product. The combination of black color and mental will make it an excellent choice for anyone want to use it as a decoration for your garden.

Even when you do not fall for the design as you more prefer the function of the gardening tool or wonder if it is worth for money, the answer is still yes. With the low price, just about 90 bucks, you can prepare the vital nutrient for the soil, whereas, own a high-quality tumbler.

Two-chambered is a smart design for separate the tumbler into two sides. This is function allow the user to have the uninterrupted flow of the rich and healthy compost. The strong structure and the durable material is another plus point for the Yimby tumbler composter.

The body make for BPA free, which is good enough to keep and suffer the weight. More interesting, the body is UV inhibited, and the galvanized steel frame can resist corrosion. Therefore, you can completely feel “safe” to leave them outside of the house.

The adjustable air vents are responsible for mix the oxygen into the compost. Oxygen mix with the material will allow the compost to create faster. We, again, will emphasize this is a vital feature when choosing the tumbler if you desire to have a good tumbler.

37-gallon capacity will ensure the amount of the composting produce and give out continuous supply for the yawn. To conclude, the feature of the Yimby Tumbler make it is one of the best compost tumbler and worth for the money you paying.

Things we liked
  • Two-chambered, separate the side of the body
  • Adjustable air vents
  • The capacity up to 37-gallon
  • Beautiful design
  • Firm structure
Things we didn’t like
  • The legs only are “galvanized.”

Lifetime 600058 Compost Tumbler

The elegant appearance makes this compost tumbler looks so attractive. The body is made of the high-density polyethylene plastic, which is good for the storing the huge amount of composting. The steel is powder-costed, which last longer even though under extreme condition.

The product is regard to be heavy. Nevertheless, it is applied to the double walled panels. 42 pounds for 80 gallons or 10.72 cubic feet capacity, is a good reason for its retaining heat ability. That support the tumbler to fasten the process and make the composting product faster.

Come along with the air vent; the internal bar can help you to turn the compost and add more the flow of the oxygen to quicken the process. More rapid to reach the age and the quality to enrich and fertilize the soil in your garden.

Things we liked
  • HDPE plastic, UVV resistant
  • Up to 80-gallon capacity
  • Double wall for better retaining heat
  • Durable material
  • Appealing design
Things we didn’t like
  • Time-costing for assembly
  • Don’t include with the toolkit

Good Ideas EZCJR-BLK 7-Cubic-Foot Compost Wizard

If you care about the environment, this product might become fascinating to you. Using 100% of the recycle materials, it creates a right place for you to seek for the rich nutritious for the soil. Gift- wrap is available for you in case you want to use it as a small gift for friends or relatives.

Completely black color, this unit can absorb the heat better when comparing to the other thank to its large surface. The wheel based to allow you to turn the tumbler without too much effort. The handle is molded on the surface; it makes it impossible for it to break down.

The simplicity of the tumbler does not make it is remarkable among the products. But the simple design can be ideal for you if you tend to concentrate on the usage than the appearance. And care more about the environment as it makes the recycling material.

You might guess this one can be heavy and cumbersome. 27 pounds is the weight; you will not have the super muscle to lift it. No doubt, still, it is available in our top list as one of the best compost tumblers.

Things we liked
  • Make of recycling material
  • Black color for absorbing heat
  • Molded handle make firm structure
  • Wheeled base
  • No need for assembling effort
Things we didn’t like
  • Simple design

Envirocycle Composting Tumbler Bin

Can you imagine a product can solid as well liquid compost, nothing can compare to the combo of this product? If you do not want to assemble a tumbler but still want to find a well-designed bin. We highly recommend this one for you.

For this product, you can shake off the concern as it is provided with a five-year warranty. Ensure for its long lasting and your product experience. The UV antioxidant protected materials play a significant role in suit the compost in the garden or anywhere outside of your house.

You can leave in the sunshine of the backyard or the rain, even the snow; it should not be a problem. The heat will help the compost to be created quickly thank the heat collected by the black surface. No doubt it is the best tumbler for any gardener to fulfill their dream.

When looking at it, you might wonder where you can take out the compost? It easy, there is a latched door for you to take it out. The instruction is easy to understand is also an advantage this product impress many of user.

Things we liked
  • Five-year warranty
  • UV and antioxidant protected materials
  • Molded handle make firm structure
  • Black color assist in maintaining and collecting the heat
  • Good appearance
  • Low weight
Things we didn’t like
  • Handle not good for turning
  • Difficult to empty

Jora 70 Gallon 270 Compost Tumbler

If you are stimulating to the dual compartments, on the other hand, still want to maximize the volume of the tumbler. Jora is what you will need to be equipped for you, make the compost, enrich the soil and beautify the garden is a good step to make your surrounding green.

Jora tumbler, made of the steel for all part, including the body, make it heavier and harder to move or lift when comparing to another tumbler. The combination of the metal piece creates a solid construction, galvanizing the stainless material to guarantee the weather protection.

To quicken the composting process, the body of the tumbler need to be sealed to prevent the heat leak out. The Jora can absorb the heat from the sunshine since it entirely made from the metal. Thus, you will not need to worry about the time can take you to make out the necessary nutrient to renew the soil.

Things we liked
  • Dual compartments
  • 70 gallons, 9.4 cubic foot capacity
  • Galvanized for the whole tumbler
  • Firm structure
  • Easy to turn
  • Quickly create the compost
Things we didn’t like
  • Heavy
  • Take space

How To Choose A Good Compost Tumbler?


Sturdy construction is a requirement for every compost tumbler. Because the compost tumbler often contains a significant amount of the composting material. It requires the qualified material to make it strong for your storing purpose.

Not only the container will be responsible for the weight of the material but also for the legs and connection. If you want to make high-quality compost for the garden, sturdy legs, and central axis spine will be mandatory for you to turn the product and create rich compost.

In the case the compost tumbler is provided with the crank arm, make sure it is not flimsy. The good composer should have a strong spinning drum to ensure that you can spin it easily. The most important thing is that it should be tough enough for you to turn it.

Because the compost tumbler will be increasing heavier, a firm, stable structure is most essential. It will keep the unit work correctly, and help you to create the compost continually. In reverse, it will rapidly break down.


The larger storing ability of the tumbler, the more composting materials you can save. Have a big garden; it is a requirement for you to enrich them regularly to get paid off. To harvest enough compost for a large garden, you should not neglect the size?

Before you purchase for anyone, look at the capacity is always a good strategy. Even if you just want a small amount for a small part of the garden. The volume inside the tumbler will allow you to put the materials into it easily.

Speed up the process

Compost have its age, just like the wine, cheese, or any other product of the microorganisms. You will surprise when you know how much time it needs to become the great source of nutrients for the whole garden.

Have you ever seen the basement that people often make to stored their wine or cheese? That is a way for them to reach the age quickly so that you can do same for the compost. With the compost tumbler, you can speed up the process and create high-quality fertilizer for the plants.

Inside the tumbler, the moisture as the heat of the whole process is kept. That is the suitable condition for the compost to create, which might need for months without this tool. It might need for 2 or 3 weeks, of course, if you can balance the ratio of the material.

Scent control

The tumbler can control the smell very well, so you can leave it in your garden or even your patio, isn’t it great. For this, you can recycle the “trash” from the kitchen, reduce the amount you have to through away. Meanwhile, you still have the compost product for the garden.

The odor can get out a little bit when you open lid, though, it is not unpleasant, just the “composting” scent. Nevertheless, it is gone when you closed the lid because the tumbler is made to seal and prevent the smell of the composting process leak out.


Tumbler will be an ideal supporting tool to create a beautiful, attractive garden. Speed up the composting process, enrich the soil, protect the plant from the threat, nothing can stop you to have a “good-looking” garden. We can guarantee that tumbler is an indispensable friend for the garden lover.

Though the list is about the best compost tumbler, it bases on the taste of the majority of user and the usual standard. But, the best one, sometimes, is not the most suitable one. So, when choosing a number, do not forget to check whether it fit your conditions like space, need for composting, then, you will have a wise choice.

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