Welcome! I’m Sarah.

Dwell on Joy is an amazing happenstance. It started in late 2011, with an invitation to join a new social media site called Pinterest. My husband was traveling a lot, so I logged on for the first time to check it out. Instead of wanting to recreate the projects and recipes, I was drawn to the graphic design and photography in the blogs and thought to myself, “I can do that!”

So I did.

I bought a fancy camera and for about a year (since I love to cook and bake) I practiced by documenting all of our favorite recipes. On the blog. And published them. (Gasp!) Those first posts are embarrassing, but I leave them there to remind me how much I’ve grown, and how much can come from chance and circumstance.

Dwell on Joy has evolved as our life seasons have changed, and I love that. This blog ebbs and flows with my interests, as well as my energy level. (After all, I am at home with THREE boys.) It has fostered friendships, inspired creativity, and blessed me with opportunities to work with companies and help contribute financially to my family.

About Sarah:

I’m highly extroverted, adventurous, and witty. Probably because I grew up alongside five brothers, and without any sisterly influence. I was born and raised in Minnesota and still reside there today with my husband and our three boys. I had a real life meet cute with him at a concert in Wisconsin. I was a high school student in Minneapolis, and he a student from Illinois, attending college in SW Minnesota. Our first meeting was barely a minute, but 6 months later, our paths would cross again. We’ve been together now for 15 years.

My oldest son is extremely creative. He is destined for inventive greatness! My middle son thrives at school, and is sweet, kind, empathetic and a great friend. My youngest, naturally, is spunky, loud, and is wise beyond his years, like an 80 year old man trapped in a 5 year old’s body.

My degree is in exercise physiology, though I never put it to good use. It was through an internship in cardiac rehabilitation that I discovered my true gift and joy was nurturing and listening to people. I am currently a stay at home boy mama, but I occasionally moonlight on this blog. I love big family gatherings, 70 degree weather, and good coffee in a house mug. I am a home decor enthusiast – and our new house is my favorite project.

Thank you for supporting me and Dwell on Joy with your visit.

I’m grateful for your presence!