Monday, January 20, 2014

Why the Salon is a Good Investment in Me | Going Red

I've never done anything bold in my entire life.  

I've been seeing the same hair stylist since my youngest was born. For five years she's tamed my crazy mane and put up with "I'll see you in six weeks" and "I'll see you soon for your {complimentary} bang trim" only to see me three to four months later with split ends and awkward home cut bangs.

Finding my salon and spending money on my hair was the best investment I've ever made in myself. For years, I'd get the budget cut which left my pocketbook a little thicker but me feeling underwhelmed with myself. We always want the hair we don't have, and mine was no exception. Think Monica Geller in Barbados. 


I have a TON of hair, they kind that takes the stylist a half hour to blow dry completely. It's not straight, it's not curly, mostly...unruly. And there's SO much of it. No  product seemed to smooth it out and I couldn't work a blow dryer to save my life. So I wore it in a ponytail all.the.time. Which I learned is actually terrible for your hair because it weakens the same strands over and over and breaks them off over time. Hello hairline full of whispies.

I remember my first visit to an actual "salonspa". It was after my first son was born. I was deep in the depths of post-baby self loathing and my hair was causing me serious pain. We didn't have a lot of money back them, but my husband could see the sadness and suggested I spend a little money on myself and make an appointment somewhere "nice". That appointment, and Laura, really changed my life.  She gave me the most beautiful flattering haircut with bangs which completely changed my look. She even spent time instructing me how to properly blow dry my hair to avoid the fluff and flatten out my bangs so they swept ever so wonderfully across my forehead. And she told me the best advice EVER: wash your hair as little as possible. 

Laura, my sweet savior.  And I suppose dry shampoo.

I was a regular visitor up until she moved to Italy to pursue teaching. I went through a period of cheap bad haircuts again until I found myself back in the chair of my once beloved salonspa. Daralee brought me back and for five years has made me feel a worthy and beautiful Momma and woman. 

Last year, we started talking color, and her ginger haired stylist friend was our muse.  At the time, I was pretty firm that money spent on hair color was better spent elsewhere in my family, and we had a connection of faith and trust so we dreamed together but she never pushed.  Right before Christmas, I had a sudden and unexpected urgency to color my hair. So much that I scheduled an appointment with another colorist when she wasn't available. I knew it wasn't ideal, but she was there to consult with me and help pick the color. Her friend just had the honor of applying it. 

I've highlighted my hair a handful of times and hated that it never amounted to anything.  So I surprised myself by going bold.  From dull dirty dishwater blond/brown to bright coppery beautiful red. I'm love how it looks, even more so now that it's faded to a more natural red.  But more importantly, I love how it makes me feel, which makes it a worthwhile investment in me.


How do you invest in yourself?


  1. That's wonderful, Sarah! Feeling pretty (as vain as it sounds) translates to a better Erica in all aspects of my life. In fact, I was just rereading an old journal, after I had my first son, and reliving how icky I felt (carrying some extra pounds, not finding time for much self-care, etc.). I am SO relieved to be out of that stage.

    1. Me's amazing how a few years can change life with little ones. Being able to safely close the door to take time to shower and "get ready" while not worrying if someone is falling down the stairs or worse has been a wonderful return to normal here :) I agree!

  2. Oh, I so relate to this post! I too would avoid getting my hair cut, would wear in a pony tail all the time too. Thick hair and a LOT of it ... and I would always say the reason the haircuts were horrible is because the person cutting it just didn't know how thick hair, and a LOT of it doesn't do the same thing that pretty, straight hair does ;) ... then I met AnnMarie ... and even though her cut cost me 4 times more than the cheapo cuts, I cried when she was done. Seriously! I could not believe what a GOOD cut did to me ... I felt so much "prettier" and good ... since then, I am a firm believer in quality cuts and color ... so worth the extra money in my opinion. Congrats on the BOLD move to red :)

    1. Oh Jan, I'm so glad to hear this. It is SO much money to spend, and I'm about to go in for my next color...AHH!!! I had roots already after 3 weeks, but am have waited 6 weeks to see how much I could handle them getting worse. In an allover color, the roots are so obvious, so I'm excited to see what input my Daraless has. Maybe add caramel lowlights to blend so it's not so obvious after 3 weeks? Thursday can't come soon enough!


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