Wednesday, October 9, 2013

House Progress: Office Nook

I'm never the girl who finds the perfect roadside rescue.


Nor am I ever the girl who follows through on transforming said rare roadside rescues.  But when you call a friend on a unseasonably HOT September morning and ask her to "swing by" and help carry a desk downhill to your house resulting in noodle arms for two days - you better have that thing looking usable in a hot minute. 

To be honest, I am generally too lazy to re-purpose furniture. But when I spotted something that I thought would work in our space, and having a desk was becoming more of a need rather than a want, you gotta jump on it. Especially when it's free.

I have told you about my paint store lady before, so once again, I returned to her for project advice. She suggested some tools to complete my job, and since I have been using the desk now for a couple weeks without peeling or chipping the paint, I'd consider her advice to be top notch. Did I ever mention that we didn't eat at our kitchen table for a year without table top protection for fear of messing up the paint job?

I know, total crazy town.

The top of the desk is a wood veneer, which I can see because some of it has been chipped away on the ends. What I did to smooth out the nicks and stains on the tabletop was sand three times, wiping it down good in between each - starting with 60 grit sandpaper on an orbital sander, then 100, then 150, which gave me a smooth finish without shredding the veneer entirely.  I disassembled the desk, hand sanded the legs, and wiped those down too. Once finished, I primed the top and legs with Rustoleum primer spray paint. 

The paint clerk suggested I use a satin enamel paint for durability and sheen, and so I purchased the cheapest quart to do the job in designer white - no tinting required. {Which, to be honest, I had to laugh that they actually have to mix white paint for some shades!}  Then, using a foam brush, I put on three coats of paint, allowing it to dry according to the instructions on the can. Even though she said that no poly coat was needed, I put on 4 coats of clear satin Aqua ZAR (polyurethane) to further protect the tabletop and shelves.

Too much? Probably.

Either way, LOVE the results. I left the brackets underneath their original color, partly because I was too lazy to sand and paint them and mostly because the previous owner glued them to the tabletop.  

A good enough excuse?

Unfortunately for my son, he no longer has a place to make awesome pillow forts for his girl friend unless he decides to relocate.

See, a perfect fit, and the tabletop is the perfect size to sew!  I can't wait to pick out some pretty storage and organization pieces and a neat-o office chair for this space! I'm thinking a pretty cover for my sewing machine may now be a must!

More home progress pictures here. And more to come...we were quite productive in September!

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  1. Great job, Sarah! I would totally love to have a space and desk like that!


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