Monday, October 28, 2013

Home Progress: Six Months

I can't believe almost six sweet months have passed since we moved into this house.  In that time, I've had time to see it's quirks, annoyances, and feel out the purposes of each space. About a month ago, I really began to see in my head what I wanted our home to look like. I thought I knew, but after endless attempts at bringing home furnishings and decor only to return them, I think I'm finally headed in the right direction!

The main floor sat untouched for the first four months, until I figured out that I needed to start by painting the walls to lighten up the space.  I tried blue, and for three weeks it sat unfinished, subliminally telling me I wasn't loving the change. Despite all the time and effort we put into the first paint job, I ended up painting.


Second times a charm. I'm really truly loving this Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore, now on the walls in the main floor.  SO worth the extra time, effort and $80.

Six months has also provided us with a little introspect on intentional living. We have had one completely empty (large) room during this time, and though we could certainly live with it that way forever, having this new space gives us the ability to comfortably entertain our family and friends. It is one of the most exciting perks of home ownership for us, and with winter upon us, the perfect time to make that happen.

But don't you hate buying furniture!?! It's such a long term commitment. I can't even bring home a throw pillow and feel 100% confident in my choice!  So when we embarked on furniture shopping this time around, we had a little chat and made a few rules for our mission:
  • Three boys wreak HAVOC on furniture, so the sofa must be strong like ox and have fixed cushions on the back so as to not be squished and smashed by said boys.
  • An unexpected unanimous marital decision- we like the modern look!
  • We must adhere to our strict cash-only budget.

I eventually happened upon a "high-end" Scratch and Dent furniture shop, filled to the brim with couches meeting our criteria!  Not only did I find a sofa that I loved, but I could order it in one of THOUSANDS of fabric choices! Which looks a lot easier than it actually is.  As you can see, I was leaning very far away from the coppery brown of our current sectional.

We happily purchased two of the same sofa by Jonathan Louis International in this beautiful granite microfiber. It's unlike anything we've owned and is perfect! Right now one is on back order until December, but I'm picturing them facing one another, sandwiching a someday coffee table, sitting atop someday hardwoods...

One more addition to the living room - wood topped metal side tables.  Admission: We have never had side tables for our furniture! Remember the commitment issues I have with furnishings?!?  I've had my eyes on these from Target for awhile now and swiped two up today for $100 fresh off a markdown. 

There are fun, yet unproductive things going on outside too!  Our ever disorganized lawn company seeded REALLY late in the season after several scheduling errors. Note to self: Do not pay up front for two years of service to get a discount until you know they are worth it!  Desperate watering, regular leaf fall, daily frosts and cold daytime temps make the seed nothing more than an expensive bird seed buffet!  The perks: plenty of cardinals and blue jays. Perhaps what is leftover from the bird feast will hide underneath it's winter snow blanket and flourish in the spring. A girl can dream, right?

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  1. I think your couch is wonderful! We also have a grey couch and I love how neutral it is, without being brown! I'm glad you're keeping a good attitude about your lawn {which I'm sure can be difficult at times} and hopefully Spring will surprise you with a green yard.

  2. How exciting. I loved how the blue walls looked in pictures but I could see where it might be a BIG change. The gray looks AMAZING. Definitely worth the $80 investment. I hate picking out paint colors. Your house is turning into quite the lovely home.


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