Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fall Baking Favorites: 2012

Here in the Midwest, people love to talk about the weather.  In the summer, it's too hot. In the winter, it's too cold. In the spring, it's still too cold.  But in the fall...we never complain. Ever. 

We love the Midwest for it's seasons.  Fall, by far, is the exceptional standout.

When I am not taking in the nostalgic chilly autumnal weather, crunching in the leaves with my boys, sipping a seasonal latte covered in whip like it's nobody's business, or carving pumpkins, I'm inside the kitchen enjoying a renewed energy and passion for baking. 

Here's a recap of our kitchen baking favorites from 2012. Go ahead - grab a fuzzy sweater and try not to spoil your dinner.  And be sure to share with me your kitchen favorites (links welcome!) in the comments below. 

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And though not a baked goodie, this dip is a simple and unexpected seasonal treat!


  1. You did a lot of fall baking last year :). I can't wait to see what you are inspired to make this fall. And, as always, beautiful pictures!

  2. Have saved many of these from last year - keep meaning to try the scones but what is the deal with scone shelf life? Do you have to eat them all right away?

    1. The basic scone recipe and technique that I use to make them yeilds a moister scone. Because scones dry out quickly, they taste the best when eaten the same day they are made. If you do not plan to eat them all right away (or are giving them as a gift) freeze them or the extras immediately. When they thaw, they will taste like the day you made them! Good luck!

  3. I'm in love with all your Fall recipes! I am SO happy to finally be baking in my favorite season again. :)


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