Monday, June 4, 2012

LEGO Speedway Race Birthday Party

I'm so excited to share with you the MOST FUN birthday party we've thrown...EVER!!!

My son is BIG into Legos. {I guess, what five year old boy isn't?} He wanted to have a Lego party to celebrate his big day! The idea happened one night before I fell asleep - I visualized a raceway for Lego cars! And wouldn't you know was SO easy to turn into a real life party!

Here's how we made it happen:

First and most important. We rented a large room at the local community center. Trust me, you will be less stressed out if you are not at your home! And for only $30 for two hours, it was a steal and well worth it!

Before the party, my boys and I went to the Lego Store in town and first designed a small, simple Lego car out of the different Lego parts in the bins. {I later found you can purchase automobile kits online, though doing it our way was WAY less expensive.} It turned out to be a great engineering project for us! And for just under $15, we bought the "car parts" for 15 kids to each make their own car at the party. We placed the individual "car parts" into little cellophane bags, tied them off in a bow, and set them aside to distribute at the party.

I sent the hubs to the hardware store with a simple sketch of my raceway! He made this AWESOME racing board out of plywood and some trim pieces. Once it was built, I painted it with primary colors {using acrylic paint}, and stenciled our name at the top so it said "YOUR NAME Speedway" and at the bottom made a finish line.

To set up, we covered four large tables with primary color plastic tablecloths. We pushed two together with a balloon bouquet in the center and spread out all of my boys personal stash of Legos for the guests to play with as they arrived. We used one table for the gifts and cupcakes, and the other for the raceway.

As each kiddo arrived, they received a "Speedway Race Pit Pass!" To make these, I simply designed one to fit, printed them out, and placed them in ID badge holders from the office supply store. {About $10 for a pack of 12.} Once everyone arrived and was settled, I put the kids into small groups by the color of their badges and asked them to build towers to see who could make theirs the tallest!

After our towers were built {and while my helpers put away my kids personal Lego stash}, we moved the kids to another area and gave them each a cellophane bag with car parts. I taught them how to build the car and then asked them a lot of engineering questions to see if they had any ideas as to what would make their car faster on the racetrack. 

Then I put out a smaller container of Legos that the kids could use to rework their cars, trying different heights, weights, and sizes. They spent about 30 minutes going between the "building area" and the "raceway area" to try their cars each time they rebuilt it. The hubs had a great idea to use a yardstick to be able to race four at a time!
{We purchased four Lego brick kits at a BOGO 50% off sale, spending about $70.}

When the kids finished, we put their names on their cars, had them wash up and return to the two tables {magically clean thanks to my helpers} to enjoy snacks and cupcakes. I made the cupcakes myself {less expensive} and decorated them with sprinkles and Lego shaped candy I found in a local candy store. {You probably can buy online too.}

While the kids opened the gifts, I prepared their party favor bags. The local Lego Store gave me enough small yellow retail bags for me to use for the favors. {All you have to do is ask!} I put each of the kids cars in a separate bag, and then split the purchased Legos {the ones we used to rebuild the cars, not our personal stash} equally between them. I added a couple Lego color sheets {printed online}, and some Lego stickers I found on clearance at Walmart. I LOVE to give kids gifts they will actually USE! Say NO to those little clutterbug toys from the party section! 

The kids had a great time! I must admit though, this party would not have been such a success if it had not been for the five grown up helpers that I had. We had enough adults to assist the kids and clean up as we moved around. {Wiping sweat from my brow...}

And my kids benefit because now they have a cool SPEEDWAY for their Lego cars at home! 

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  1. What a fun party! My son loves everything Lego and we're lucky to have a fun Lego place here called Bricks 4 Kidz and we had his party there. Yours looks just like it-- what a nice job you did!!
    Stop by my blog this week to enter my first giveaway- an iTunes card!

  2. What an incredibly sweet party. Seriously, it's like every little boy's dream come true. I love all the thought you put into it. No detail was spared. I love the raceway. So cool!!!

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  4. Oh! I love parties... hence my blog:
    I found you over on a linky, and just had to come check out your lego party - it looks super cool! Great job. Joined your site, off to read some more posts, would love for you to come visit me when you get time. x

  5. We did a Lego birthday for my favorite 5 year old too! :) Great tip about the Lego bags...I ended up making some. Thank you, Pinterest! :) We should meet up at 'the Mall' for a Lego and ride date with the boys!

  6. Hi... where did you find the Lego car kits for less expensive online? Thank you for this blog, GREAT party ideas! This is so nice you posted this!

    1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by! We live near a Lego Store - so we actually went to the pick-a-brick section and constructed our own car, then bought enough of each piece to make as many cars as we had guests. All-in-all, we filled a large pick-a-brick container with Lego Pieces and it cost $14.99. I hope you are also near a store! Best of luck on your party!

  7. Hello,

    This is great! Can you tell me what you have the race track propped up on to make the slant? I want to make one of these for my son's party so any information on how you made the track will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  8. Hello,

    This is great! Can you tell me what you have the race track propped up on to make the slant? I want to make one of these for my son's party so any information on how you made the track will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Hi Nicole! We actually moved the track to the floor and just propped it up on a chair. The table made it too hard for the kiddos to reach. To make the track, we bought a pre-sized piece of particleboard. I can measure for you as we still have it but the boys are asleep as I type this) (Email me if so, and I can get you measurements - Then we just nailed really small pieces of trim to make the tracks. Those have fallen off by now, and it still works great! I think you could skip that step if you want to. I traced out equal lanes, and then painted everything with acrylics. You could spray it with a clear polyurethane spray paint after are done to protect it, but we haven't done that and it still looks great. If you have any more questions, please let me know and I'd be happy to answer them :) Best of luck!

  9. Thanks Sarah, I emailed you a reply.

  10. This is great! Can you tell me what you have the monitor propped up on to create the slant? I want to create one of these for my child's celebration so any details on how you created the monitor will be significantly valued. Thanks!
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